Thursday, September 3, 2009

Wow Another Award and a Toast

First of I want to have a toast to us all, this is a wonderful scotch from the Island of Islay that hubby brought back, its wonderful, rich and peety. Whatever you choose to drink lets all raise our glasses and have a toast to good health, fun and good food. Here's to you all.

I got the meme award today from sweet and savory says it all 
another great food blog, I am so so blessed to meet so many lovely blogging friends and learn about food and life from you all. For the award you have to state 7 things about your personality and pass it along to 7 others, I will just do a few... LOL

so my 7 things about me, you will all know me better than I know myself soon!
  1. organized and tidy, I love a clean home.
  2. caring and a very good friend, I will always be there for my friends and family no matter what, just like my hubby taking a flight to his sis this week.
  3. friendly and can easily adapt to new situations and make friends, it helps when you move a lot growing up.
  4. a negative part of me is being a worrier but trying to work on this!
  5. another not so good thing is I am not a very good time keeper, after reading sweet and savory's post she is much better than me!
  6. hardworking
  7. love new challenges and the freelance writing is one for me right now that I am loving..
OK I want to pass the award along to:

Finally since my hubby went to the UK, we are stocked on heinz baked beans, me and Jasmine had this for lunch, wheetabix, tea and chocolate, Jasmine is trying the chocolate orange!!

Oh and Kelsey B from naptime chef, just mentioned she loves wine gums, it made me remember the advert when I was a kid, so here's a little clip to make you smile Kelsey LOL


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