Miso Soup and Thanks Asian Food Grocer

My first Miso Soup!

Through the Foodbuzz taste program, the lovely folks at Asian Food Grocer allowed us to go shopping on their site and make something with the purchase. The goodies above are what I got, seaweed, rice cakes, shitake mushrooms, white soybean paste, a monkey bowl for my daughter, soy sauce, teriyaki sauce, tofu and pocky for my hubby (we ate a lot of these when we visited Japan!)

My plan was to try my hand at making miso soup a traditional soup in Japan, but when my order came I realized that I forgot to order stock. So I asked Fujimama for advice, she has a fab blog with lots of Japanese food on there.
She send me links to make dashi, but I am blessed to have a Japanese neighbour and she gave me some stock from her recent trip back home, it was in a pack, one tea bag like sachet makes about 3 cups of stock.

So here we go....
  • 3 tablespoon white soybean paste
  • handful of dry seaweed
  • dashi stock
  • tofu
  1. soak the seaweed in a little water and set aside
  2. then make the soup stock but adding the sachet to hot water, make about 4 cups
  3. add to the pan and warm, then remove a little and dissolve about 3 spoon of the miso paste into it, add it back to the pan
  4. then add the tofu to the pan and seaweed and simmer for 5 min, its really that easy.
I added some shitake mushrooms and spinach to mine. Its a good source of protein, and vitamin K.

Food Chart

Jasmines bowl

Enjoy, please share your Japanese recipes I am eager to learn ......


  1. Your Miso Soup looks delish! And Jasmines bowl with the monkey is adorable...to cute for words!

  2. Rebecca, when I tried to take your badge, I got a weird message on my blog. Do me a favor and please stop over there and look in the right column and see what I have. I would like to have one that works. Thanks.

  3. What a coincidence, I had miso soup today. I love this stuff, and yes, it is very good for you!

  4. I've never had any Japanese food.
    But I've got two or three bottles of sake at home (didn't even open them). There's a Japanese guy at my husband's office that brings him a bottle every time he goes home.

  5. I am sure you like this very much. I use to make miso soup with Udon or salmon fish head soup.

  6. Great groceries. Love the miso soup and the Pocky! I went through a huge Pocky phase last year, and got all my co-workers scarfing them down. We concluded that Pocky is Japanese equivalent of crack! ;-)

  7. Very cool. And that looks so easy to make. I do not think there is any Japanese foods here. But we did find a chinese restaurant.

  8. Congrats on your first miso!

    The only Asian food I ever make is probably stir-fry, which shouldn't even count, I know. I need to seek out some real classic Asian spices. I would also like to learn how to make sushi :)

  9. Michelle thanks so much I know right?
    Sweet and Savory: oh I just tried it its a little tricky to copy the full code
    fresh local and best: thats cool
    Dajana: sake is very good and esp. warm, give it a try lol
    ancoo: sounds yummy, are they on your blog?
    Palidor: oh they are so addictive I agree!!!
    Melinda: order it online
    Gina: oh give this soup a try so easy


  10. Shitake mushroom...yummmmm!! I could stand to learn how to make some Japanese dishes. Maybe I should just save up to go to Japan, better yet! I'm sure my cooking can't compare! Your soup looked delicious, though! I love the bold flavors of Asian soups, they're so unique! Great post!


  11. That soups looks delicious and simple to make! Thanks for sharing.

  12. I love Miso Soup! I will definately be trying this! Happy Blogging!

  13. I went shopping this morning and I found the miso paste but my kids told me that they prefer to take fresh chicken stock soup. I'll try to make a chinese soup posting soon. Maybe can give you some idea in making soup! Cheers.

  14. What great loot!! The soup sounds so delicious!!

  15. I LOVE LOVE LOVE miso soup. I can never get enough of it. Looks good!!!

    ps. I love the little box of pocky there. I usually like the regular milk chocolate flavor. I always end up finishing it as soon as I open it. It never lasts no matter how much I try.

  16. That looks really good!! I don't think I've ever had Japanese cooking, seriously. Chinese...yes, but Japanese...nope. I'd love to try it though - could you drop some off over at my house tonight?? I'm just in Missouri - it shouldn't take you too long to get here. ♥

  17. We are glad you liked AsianFoodGrocer. I also think that Pocky is equal to crack. I'm working my way through all the flavors.

  18. Nicole : oh you will love Japan its cool and so advanced and folks are lovely and polite
    Erica; no probs
    Catherine: thanks and thanks for following
    Jenn: oh pocky is so so addictive!
    the imperfect housewife: theres some left you come to NC!
    Larry : he he thanks so much

  19. Yes, is under Rice & Noodle ~ Karubi Udon.
    I have not post the Salmon fish head soup yet.

    The dashi stock is very useful, can make chaiwan mushi (Japanese steamed custard egg).

  20. ancoo now I am a follower will be easier to stay up with your great recipes thanks so much

  21. Japanese food is one of my favorites and I'm also always looking to learn more. I can't wait to see what else you come up with!

  22. I love miso soup and it is a very heathy dish for sure.

  23. gaga: eek, hope i can do something else keep bugging my Japanese neighbour for lessons!
    Deb: i need to send to you for soup what day is it?


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