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Coming soon, nutrition therapy in the Winston Salem area. 

  Social Media coaching contact me for one on one social media coaching in person, via skype or on the phone to set your social media goals, set up a blog, twitter account, pinterest and facebook page.
Then have periodic calls to trouble shoot, and inspire you to have fun and get the most out of social media.

Social Media Management and Blog writing - I offer social media account management and co management to help take the pressure of you as a busy professional and market your business ensuring your voice comes across.

feel free to drop me a line - rebeccasubbiah at


"Rebecca knows social media marketing inside and out. She is resourceful, ahead of the game, ahead of the technology trends, a great strategist and a truly thorough problem solver. I recommend her 100%"

Amanda Archibald
Field to Plate, LLC

"Thinking about getting your feet wet with social media, or already dabbling and would like to jump in further… well then Rebecca Subbiah is your social media coach.  She is knowledgeable, encouraging, motivating, and humble with respect to her own accomplishments.  Her experience and straight forward manner allows even the novice of users navigate through the world of social media.  I found Rebecca very helpful in “tweeking” some of the finer points of social media and also found her extremely encouraging and a true team player.  Time spent with Rebecca was well worth it."

Lisa Bunce, MS,RD
Redding, CT
Private practice and app developer

"I would highly recommend you. Your coaching style is upbeat and motivating; very positive. I didn't only get the technological knowledge or aspect of the trade but you gave me the encouragement and the "yes I can mind-set"

Malou of Skip to Malou - Food Blogger

"I got to know Rebecca in seconds...she's so easy to talk to and so helpful and humble. Not many dietitians are as clued up on social media, and she gave me some useful advice on showcasing my personality."

Azmina Govindji RD MBDA
Registered Dietitian and TV Nutritionist
(as seen on The One Show, The Wright Stuff and This Morning)
Media Spokesperson for British Dietetic Association and NHS Choices

"My one-hour, twitter coaching session with Rebecca was invaluable. Now, 3 weeks later, I can compose tweets, direct them to a reasonable variety of hashtags, and interact with a twitter community. Thank you, Rebecca!"

Cindy Silver, MS, RD, LDN
Registered Dietitian 
Winston-Salem, NC

"Rebecca is a social media guru!  She has helped and inspired me to be more "social".  You can too, just watch and learn from her, Rebecca is the expert!"

Paul Moore RD, Sports Nutritionist President of The North Carolina Dietetic Association
Rebecca Subbiah is very well equipped to help you grow your business using social media. She has a wealth of information that is helpful to both new business or growing, established businesses alike. Rebecca will help you to identify your needs and put together a plan that quickly achieves results. She is extremely reliable; I highly recommend her!

Jennifer Brush, MA, CCC/SLP
Brush Development


Professional Presentations on Social Media and Food and Culture

March 18th 2011 Talking to Dietitians at The Charlotte Dietetic Association Professional day on Social Media 101 


  • From Twitter - @neumannwellness Neumann Wellness  @chowandchatter: great social media presentation today at CDA! So energetic and engaging!! 
  • From Facebook - Jennifer R Kimbrough Barnhill RD I loved your talk today at The Charlotte Dietetic Assoc Professional Day. On Social Media 101. Super job! Great to see you! Congrats on your success!!!
  • Facebook - Vicky Kottyan - Saw you at The Charlotte Dietetic Association meeting today. Great Job! I may need to start blogging!
  • Twitter - @RealLifeRD Vicki Moore @chowandchatter awesome presentation today! Inspired me to tweet =)!!
  • Facebook - Christy Cava Wright You did a great job speaking for the Charlotte Dietetic Association! I am now tweeting!

Speaking at The Nebraska Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics State meeting April 13th 2012


Learning more about tweeting with @chowandchatter. Good info #NAND12
— Johnna(@hall_hall2) April 13, 2012

Speaking on social media at Kings College London May 17th 2012

@Cherries_r_yum @AM_knight_RD @chowandchatter @northwnutrition today was fantastic, great to see so many forward thinking RDs #RDsocial
— Ella Boger (@LdnNutritionGrl) May 17, 2012

@chowandchatter #rdsocial fanatstic talks on social media by all thanks a million best talks been to for yrs
— Your Diet Matters (@RuthKander) May 17, 2012

Feedback from speaking at Converge South Oct 12th 2012
(a Technology and Business Conference in Greensboro NC)

Owly Images

From Facebook 

Phillip Oakley
Good stuff today at Converge South 2012! Well done

Thea Park DeLoret
Very much enjoyed your presentation at this afternoon!

From Twitter 

Jeff Harbert ‏@JeffHarbert
Your social media channels, blog, website, and in-person presence all combine into the big picture of your brand. #cs2012 @chowandchatter

Whitney Royal ‏@Chelle_1386
Thank you for speaking today! I really enjoyed it! @chowandchatter #cs2012

NoKidsWillTravel ‏@NoKidsWillTrav
Interaction, interaction, interaction...@chowandchatter seems to be the key for building a community as a blogger.

Marketing4Traffic ‏@Social_M_Maven
@chowandchatter getting some great tips and take aways from your presentation ... And loving the accent! :) #cs2012

Speaking at The North Carolina Dietetic Association Annual Meeting 3/16/13 in Pinehurst - How to be a Global RD, effectively embracing others cuisines

Feedback -

Amanda Orfitelli ‏@amandaorfitelli tweeted -
@chowandchatter I really enjoyed your talk at #NCDA.  Thanks for making it a great conference!

Thank you Rebecca for such enlightening session!    I was fascinated with the visuals, including foods and utensils from other countries and amazed at my lack of knowledge about other cultures even though I work with a culturally diverse population. Did not know that was a lunch box from India and even had a hard  time opening it: I was humbled!  I could have stayed all afternoon and explored cultures and food practices…may be a future workshop?

With our ever expanding culturally diverse clientele,  I agree it is critical for each dietitian to get to know and understand those he/she serves.  I am a foodie as well and certainly got excited when you talked about all the countries you have traveled and the connection you have to RD’s all over the world!  Makes me want to travel & eat!  Thanks again!

Diane Zepaltas, MS RD
Community Dietitian/Coordinator of Project HEALTH
Southeastern Health- Community Health Services

Speaking at MINK April 2013 a dietetic meeting between Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska and Iowa

How to be a Global RD


davidgrotto ‏@davidgrotto 6 Apr
@chowandchatter you are too kind. Loved your global rd talk. Excellent and most helpful advice.

Michelle Welch ‏@RDMichelleLNK 5 Apr
Great job @chowandchatter Now stop making me hungry! #MINK13

Sarah J Eber ‏@SarahJEber 5 Apr
#mink13 "take time to know your clients and learn their culture" profound learning objectice and summary! from Rebecca Subbiah

In October 2013 I gave a webinar on twitter to The North Carolina Dietetic Association


Diane Butler ‏@DianeBdriven 4 Oct
@chowandchatter @eatrightnc thanks! I enjoyed info and cant  wait to start!!

Speaking FNCE 2013 on a panel about non traditional dietetic careers with Jim White and Peggy Balboa 


 Jane ‏@Hungry_Jane 
@chowandchatter I must say I enjoyed hearing you speak at #FNCE - genuine & oozing with positivity!

 Haley Nordbak ‏@HaleyRD2be
@chowandchatter inspired me to make a new twitter to get connected to RD's after her awesome speech at #FNCE!

Taylor Janulewicz ‏@Taylor_FutureRD 22 Oct
Thank you #FNCE!  I feel more prepared for my future! @glennamccollum @chowandchatter @julieupton. @JimWhiteFit #RD2B #rdchat

 ShelleyVanWitzenburg ‏@teenybod 20 Oct
@chowandchatter my pleasure! Thanks for the great and inspiring info!

ShelleyVanWitzenburg ‏@teenybod 20 Oct
Great seminar for students...#RD2Be #FNCE2013 @chowandchatter

Lonielle Freeman ‏@Lonibelle1 28 Oct
It was great to meet you at FNCE 2013, thank you for sharing all your great tips on being successful on my career path @chowandchatter

From a talk on Social media and Branding at the Charlotte NCDA regional meeting March 2014

Hi Rebecca! I attended your Friday talk at the Charlotte NCDA meeting. Very informative and inspiring - thank you so much.
Thank you - Jody Harvey

November 2015 gave a class on Social media to MPH students at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill 

May 2018 Todays Dietitian Symposium, Austin, Texas 


Charlotte Z Patton

"My first tweet, thanks to the inspiring and informative talk on options for RDs' in social media yesterday. Thanks Rebecca @chowandchatter !"

For Go Social App

Here's an example of a screen shot tutorial I developed for Food and Nutrition Magazine on Pinterest 

I also provide blogging and social media marketing for companies. 

 Feel free to contact me if I can be of service to you.

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