We had pancakes for breakie yummy, and i just have to share this clip with you, it is so good,

Enjoy and have a blessed Sunday

Lots of Love


  1. MMmm...pancakes I could go for some right now. Nutella...good choice.

    Fun vid, too. hehe...

  2. Lovely options there, I'm thinking banana & nutella, or strawberry, banana and maple syrup. Hope you had a good day.

  3. Oh my gosh that video is too funny! I'm going to share it on my FB if you don't mind. :0)

  4. LK: mine too lol
    Jenn: here ya go!
    Sophie: thanks
    Janice: thanks the same to you
    the ungourmet: cool uh? your welcome to of course!!

  5. We had pancakes this morning as well!! I should have thought to use Nutella, lol!!

  6. Diana: clever minds think alike!
    foodie with little thyme: pleased you liked it

  7. Thanks for sharing the clip...ha ha! I'm going to make some pancake as well later on...By the way, is your in-law will be staying for a while or untill Deepavali is over? Deepavali is fall on the 17th of October. I think it would be fun to have someone close to celebrate the New Year together.

  8. my little space: Amma goes back thurs so unfortunately not it would have been nice though

  9. oh i love pancakes! nutella.. my kids' favorite!

  10. Rebecca, that video is hysterical. But that's no amateur videographer. How the heck did he do all that?

  11. Pancakes sound yummy, need to make some soon!

  12. palidor: thanks and always homemade lol
    Joy your kids have good taste!
    Judy: i know they must be pros
    5 star foodie thanks


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