Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Natures Pride Bread and a Rainbow

Natures Pride all natural bread send us two loaves of bread to try through foodbuzz, which is very nice of them. I made a very simple sandwich with ham, cheese, lettuce, cucumber and tomato, overall very good, healthy, high in fiber and soft. It cuts up really well for little Jasmine size pieces as well. I would say this is a great bread to have in the freezer or for making sandwiches, to be honest though I am a sucker for fresh whole foods or fresh market crusty whole grain breads when they are still warm LOL

Oh and this was a rainbow I saw yesterday from the car, in fact during the thunderstorms I must have seen 3-4 beautiful. I was taught as a kid that rainbows mean that God keeps his Promises thats so true he is the one person we can always count on.

What do rainbows mean to you? are you looking for the pot of gold at the end!

On an important note:
We are blessed to see rainbows after a storm, please pray for the folks in the Philippines that are badly affected by the flooding and consider donating
I love world vision so donated here



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