Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Small Thigh Circumference Associated With Heart Disease

In a big Danish study with 1436 men and 1380 women average age of 50.1 years (MONICA study) it was found that those with a thigh circumference less than 60 cm, had a higher risk of heart disease and mortality. 
The researchers state that the risk from narrow thighs could be associated with too little muscle mass in the region and low insulin sensitivity and type 2 diabetes.
This measure could be a fast and easy screening tool in the doctors office and a signal to do more lower body exercise to build or muscle mass

This study really caught my eye as we always think of high waist circumference and being overweight and increased risk of heart disease which indeed they are. However it is not good for us to be underweight either. 
Its all about getting the balance right,

what are your thoughts on this study?


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