Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Fruit is Found to be Even Better for Us..

Scientists in the UK, have found that with a new testing technique fruits such as apples, peaches and nectarines have more antioxidants in them than previously thought. 
The scientists state that 

"If non-extractable polyphenols are not considered, the levels of beneficial polyphenols such as proanthocyanidins, ellagic acid and catechin are substantially underestimated."
and I went to the dentist Dr Pinyan had a neat little acronym for FLOSS

F: floss first
L:length of floss 18-22 inch
O: start at one end of floss, wrap finger around your finger each time you go between the teeth
S: Slide the floss gently between the teeth
S: scrub gently in a C shape motion at or just below the gum line

She invented it at dental school and even has a little puppet with big teeth to demonstrate with, I thought it was neat so wanted to share with you. We are all guilty of not flossing enough,  but it really is so important to protect out teeth.


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