Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Introducing: My Foodpedia

This is a new government site, where you can get the calorie value for thousands of foods, its very handy if you are trying to lose weight and want to work out how many calories you are taking in a day. It also allows you to compare foods, I feel though it would have been nicer to have more nutrients, protein and fiber listed.

I like this site better as it gives you a full nutritional breakdown:

What do you think, have you ever used sites like these?


  1. cool! I do like to use sites like this - I have one linked to my bberry and find it to be very useful - especially when eating at a restaurant/ casual dining place where I want to make a smart choice.

  2. Rebecca, thank you for sharing another great site with us...I like it.

    Angie's Recipes

  3. Thanks for the info. Haven't seen this site yet.

  4. I love to check out new sites! Thanks for the info!

  5. Thanks for letting everyone know about these. I'll take a peek!

  6. LK oh cool i need to get on for my iphone he he love it
    Angie: my pleasure
    Melinda: its cool
    Dana: no probs
    the ungourmet: no probs will need a google gadget making!

  7. Great website! But you like the calorie-count site better? I like it too, I use it quite often actually.

  8. Rebecca,
    only yesterday I had a samosa..and suddenly started worrying about the calories. Mainly because I was reading up on the zucchini muffin of starbucks--that tiny muffin has 700 KCal!
    but luckily samosa is way down...a website like this is immensely useful. My heartfelt thanks :)

  9. Excellent info Rebecca! I didn't know this site.. right now go there!



  10. the candid RD, yeah i link the one better, as provides more info
    Jhonny, oh love samosa OK as a treat
    Gera: no probs

  11. That calorie count is a nice website / tool dear. Actually I am following one site and calculating every bite in a notebook:) and reduced 8 lbs in a month. The problem is , I am on Indian food , so I calculate the cal for every ingredient.Your new website is more informative and bookmarking it. Good job done.

  12. Checked out the rice explained. Thanks for this tool.

  13. Thank you for sharing!!!! You are the best:)

  14. Very cool! I have it saved! Thanks for sharing this very useful tool!

  15. You know I've never used sites like that before but I've just bookmarked both of those because they're awesome!! You're always so full of neat ideas.

  16. I've never heard of either of those - thanks for posting this! I've used and which are both wonderful, free sites, as well!

  17. Erica: oh you are too kind
    Linda: my pleasure
    the imperfect housewife: thanks
    Nicole: cool we are getting a list together
    Reeni: my pleasure



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