Saturday, June 13, 2009

Foods That Provoke A Discussion!....

I just found peachkitchen its an awesome blog based in The Phillipines, check it out.

The above post is called balut a fertilised duck egg, as you may know I have a ducks nest near my front door and am hoping for little ducklings to hatch he he  so this turned my stomach. 

But in different countries what one person finds strange another adores. 

In Scotland where I grew up black pudding is popular, its made from oats and meat and cows blood and eaten like a sausage

I just came across a recipe for it on UK Food Bloggers!

The Chinese eat chicken feet dim sum, not bad actually and the French eat frogs, snails and horse.

Lets start a discussion is there anything unique to your country that to others seems different, or what is the most unusual food you have eaten.

Snails is about as bold as I have been in France and they were actually really good, not chewy and full of flavor..

Just for fun.....



  1. Balut is indeed a delicacy in the Philippines. I've had it once and that was the only time. I wasn't into the whole fertilized egg with still embryo attached. Eating the embryo part is completely optional and pretty much is just like a regular egg. But I can see how Western culture can be a bit freaked out by it.

    I've also had chicken feet. Not much meat in them, mostly bones. I had that too in the Philippines where Chinese cuisine is also abundant.

    I have wanted to try black pudding. Maybe when I take a trip up the UK. If I'm not too chicken.

  2. Definitely provoke a discussion...I have also always wanted to try black pudding. I've had so. Haven't had any feet 'cept pigs...or the fertilized eggs. Tongue (did u see my post on that) or any ofal for that matter always get some squeals. Thomas Parker Bowles (Camilla's son...think that's his name) has a pretty good foodie book about "eating dangerously" w/ some "taboo" or discussion provoking foods!

  3. Chicken feet are classic....and know what I like the most? Duck neck...;-)
    Chinese eat everything that flies, except aeroplanes, everything with four legs, except tables, and everything that swims, except submarines....
    well, I am not sure how true was that saying....but I definitely believe that one man's delicacy could be poison of the other.

  4. My husband is English and loves black pudding - he's also the more adventurous eater, alligator, shark... My brother lived in Taiwan for a few years and sent me pictures of him eating at a snake cafe (venom to drink) - not for me

  5. I have eaten lots of things, but this is not one, I am sure hubby would devor it, as he likes to try things we cannot normally get.

    Great post!!!

  6. I have tried goose barnacles, the creepiest thing I have ever had, LOL.

  7. Interesting post idea! I've eaten kangaroo...that might be the oddest thing. I was on vacation in Holland and they had it at a little restaurant. Weird!

    Growing up in an Italian family, it was not uncommon for my mom to prepare beef tongue for dinner, or pig feet.

  8. Rebecca,

    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I'm so glad you did as I will now be following you're recipes. This reminds me of a blood sausage they eat in Spain. Have never had it, lol :)

    Thanks again and I'm looking forward to your updates.

    A Little Bit of Spain in Iowa

  9. Oh man!!! That just sounds like a crazy mixture of strange ingredients...yikes. Of course, I can't judge, as I'm from boring America where we really eat zero unique food (in my opinion...) Although I'm sure if some people knew what was in a hot dog they would say "ewwwww Americans are crazy!!", but I guess we just don't think about it!

    Ostrich is the "strangest" thing I've eaten. It was great. Tasted sort of like chicken :)

  10. Jenn: I haven't eaten blood sausage so you go first he he but serioudly go to the UK I will help you plan the trip lol
    Girlichef: oh i bet thats a cool book, love this discussion
    Angie: he he I remember seeing the chickens head on the chicken in hong kong, yep I agree
    Kristen: you need to put your pics of snake cafe on your blog, and watch the comments!!
    Chef E yep my hubby is more adventerous than me also!
    Kenny: what are goose barnacles or maybe I dont want to know !!
    Michelle: i didn't know Italians ate that oh in England they also eat tripe- cows stomach
    Diana: thanks, love your site

  11. Nice photo,looks like a patty,blood sausage reminded me of Bizzare food by Andrew Zimmern

  12. Guess I'm not too adventurous... I've eaten buffalo, venison, frog legs... nothing too too crazy, although the frog legs were a bit creepy haha :D

  13. It is so neat to explore different food cultures. I love watching anthony bourdain's (sp?) No Reservations and Bizarre Foods. It's fun to watch!

  14. I just watched Bizzare Foods last night. Ha, ha! I usually try most things, but I will admit I can be easily grossed out if it is not something I'm used to. At the same time I do have respect for the culture and love to learn about these things. So far the most unusual thing for me in Brazil has been Kibe Cru which is raw ground beef most countries have a version of this. I can't bring myself to try it.

    I'm not completely without adventure though. I've had black pudding, snails, frogs legs, venison and rabbit. It is just usually the raw things that get me, well, except sushi. :)

  15. Vrinda: that is a fun show
    Steph yep you are very cool
    Lori: raw beef like the french eat not for me,
    Kristin: great show


  16. In Portugal they serve garden snails cooked in a spicy marinade as well as chicken offal as tapas. Don't know if that's weird enough but it certainly is tasty lol



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