Friday, June 28, 2013

Homemade Granola

I made this granola recently with the kids, hubby loves granola so one evening we whipped this up for a fun surprise for him when he got home from work. I didn't realize how easy granola was to make until I tried and I feel its an item that can be over priced. It also lends itself to adding lots of healthy nuts and grains and endless flavor combinations. 

Monday, June 24, 2013

Whipped Greek Yogurt and Honey

This is really a fun way to serve Greek yoghurt, it is quick and sometimes changes the texture of a food can make it into something fun and new. We love snacking on Greek yogurt in our house, with fresh fruit, granola, honey or added into smoothies its so good. No recipe is really needed simply whip the honey with a hand blender till airy and pour over honey. 

Friday, June 21, 2013

Fava Bean Quesadillas

I made these fava bean quesadillas recently using fresh fava beans from the garden. They were pretty easy to grow I planted them in February from seed and they started producing beans in May, my favorite part were the little black and white flowers so pretty. 

Monday, June 17, 2013

Snap shots of England

We are in our last couple of days in England seeing hubby's family :-) before flying back. As an expat living in America for 10 years it really doesn't get any easier for me. Funny the home sickness is a chronic condition there's always a special connection with my homeland despite the unpredictable weather it's the land I grew up in and feels familiar. Love hearing the British accents and paying in pounds, hanging out with family and sipping tea. 

 Strolling around ancient cities where generations of people have walked before and soaking it all up. 

Today we enjoyed an afternoon in Cambridge 

I would move back in a heartbeat but our life is now in America and America has been good to us. I love America with its friendly people and diverse climates and landscapes our two darling kids are born there and are American.  In the park in Oslo I pointed out that there was a stature of Abraham Lincoln to our daughter and she smiled and asked for me to take a picture next to her countries history. 

I don't think I will ever stop missing home but must learn to embrace my new one better as the sun sets and rises maybe each is a chapter in a new place filled with new adventures and friends to make .

Where is home to you ?

Hugs Rebecca 

Enjoy looking  back at what has been but look forward to what is to come with excitement and a sense of anticipation 

Saturday, June 15, 2013

A short visit to Oslo

So this concludes our Scandinavian adventure and what fun it's been thoroughly enjoyed getting a feel of these counties the food, landscape and people. Hope to return one day but the cost makes it a little less appealing :-) we arrived in Oslo yesterday and spend today here. Overall it's a lively city with some cool neighborhoods, a fjord allowing you to take local ferries across and quite a few museums to explore. It was a little more difficult to navigate than Sweden I found the staff at ferry terminals more helpful. Also Unfortunately one bank ATM took our card today and it took ages working out getting a ferry ticket :-) but these events are all part of the adventure of travel.

A short ferry journey across the Fjord you can reach Bygdoy a pretty seaside area with nice homes and The Norwegian museum of cultural history. I really enjoyed this it featured a collection of old buildings through the ages. The most impressive was the Slavic church over a thousand years old truly magical. 

A Sami tent these are the reindeer herders in the north 

One of the old farm houses the kids enjoyed going  in and out of these I have added a few clips to vine. 

A vegetable garden this reminded me of old Salem in Winston Salem NC where I live :-)

The church really amazing 

The carvings were very intricate and reflective of the area 

Here is a traditional Norwegian cake filled with custard, with a cardamom flavor and   coated in coconut really good. 

brunost - Norwegian brown cheese - tastes like caramel 
And a chest of delicious shrimp in a local grocery store 

Hugs Rebecca 

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Farm stay in Sweden

Nearly every trip we take now I try and add in a farm stay. I love the mix of cities and countryside on an adventure. Farm stays are often in scenic areas and run by locals it's also a great chance to try home cooked food. In addition I think it's great for kids to visit farms and they are often kid friendly with space to run around. Farm stays are relaxing as being surrounded by nature is magic.

We stayed at lanthotell near Laholm, it's a 
dairy farm in fact it has been in their family for

The food was great hubby had smoked salmon
 and I had pork with a butter sauce 
We enjoyed dinner outside next to the sheep over looking the fields so pretty 

After dinner we took a short drive to 

Sweden's longest beach ;-) and a great place to watch the sunset 

We drove to Gothenburg today and found a real gem of a restaurant in an old windmill on the way details to come ;-) 

Excited to drive to Oslo tomorrow and see a good dietitian and twitter buddy there as we conclude our Scandinavian trip :-) 

Oh and  I have a new weakness - Swedish cakes they are oh so good 

A field of sugar snap peas :-)

Lots of wind turbines green :-)

I leave you with a virtual heart cake for you all thanks for being here 


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Wee tour of Copenhagen

We have just spent a couple of days in Copenhagen a great city with a vibrant international food scene. We have enjoyed Turkish, Moroccan and Danish although in the neighborhood we are staying in Danish is hard to find ;-) it has quirky art work around the city and old buildings. Everyone seems to cycle its very friendly and plenty of parks for wee ones. 

Me with a Danish pastry with custard in the center ;-)

Rhubarb ice cream

The queens guards outside the palace this is a must visit like the UK they still have a royal family and local folks seem happy with them ;-)

The place just as the sun set

Famous fountain of Gefion the Viking queen that turned her sons into oxen and used the earth to throw into the ocean to make Denmark or so the story goes ;-)

We visited trivoli gardens today the oldest amusement park in the world expensive but kids loved it and lovely old rides ;-)

We are starting our road trip tomorrow and driving into Sweden to stay on a farm ;-) hope you can join us virtually

Love and hugs 


Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Kingdom of Fife

I thought I would share a few pictures of Scotland with you all, I went to High School and University in Scotland its a lovely country. We have had a good few days and have been blessed with lovely weather. Its been fun seeing friends from University and having day trips with my parents and the kids. It is about to get a lot busier as my brother gets married this weekend so exciting.


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