Saturday, September 5, 2009

Cafe Prada Winston Salem

Yesterday after my hubby and Jasmine got their hair cuts, and were looking very cute we had a cappuccino (not the best in town a bit burnt tasting and more like a latte to me!, I like Brew nerds better) and gelato. Now these were great, see below.....

Its situated in the west end area of Winston Salem near down town, a hip and up and coming neighbourhood with cool restaurents and old houses. There are also some lovely new apartment's there, with cute little window boxes.

I also want to give Michelle of Big Black Dog's a tasty award she made Biscuit de Savoie or Sponge Cake, it looks divine and very tasty, it reminds me of swiss roll, one of my favorite cakes as a kid, It was often store bought, not sure why my mum didn't make it as she makes lovely cakes. She has an awesome blog with amazing food on there, thats why she has so many followers, be sure to check it out......

It brought back childhood memories, what food picture has brought back memories lately for you?



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