Friday, September 25, 2009

Idly and Dosa and Fond Memories

The above pictures are some of Amma's (this means Mum in Tamil) my Indian Mum in law's amazing South Indian food, she left yesterday and I miss her so much.
She is a wonderful lady and I am truly blessed to have her as my second mum, even with the language difficulties and occasional cultural misunderstandings we are still like mum and daughter.
First of all I am so grateful that they accepted me as my hubby is the oldest son and they always wanted him to take an arranged marriage. They are so forward thinking and open minded it inspires me.

She is proud of chow and chatter and loved sharing her recipes with us, and also that I am writing from home to stay with Jasmine this is precious to me.
We plan to go the the UK in November, hopefully we can meet again there.

Through her quietness and calming personality I have learned not to get so stressed with small things like maintaining a house to perfection!, thanks Amma

What have you learned lately from your Mum in Law or Mum?


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