Friday, September 25, 2009

Idly and Dosa and Fond Memories

The above pictures are some of Amma's (this means Mum in Tamil) my Indian Mum in law's amazing South Indian food, she left yesterday and I miss her so much.
She is a wonderful lady and I am truly blessed to have her as my second mum, even with the language difficulties and occasional cultural misunderstandings we are still like mum and daughter.
First of all I am so grateful that they accepted me as my hubby is the oldest son and they always wanted him to take an arranged marriage. They are so forward thinking and open minded it inspires me.

She is proud of chow and chatter and loved sharing her recipes with us, and also that I am writing from home to stay with Jasmine this is precious to me.
We plan to go the the UK in November, hopefully we can meet again there.

Through her quietness and calming personality I have learned not to get so stressed with small things like maintaining a house to perfection!, thanks Amma

What have you learned lately from your Mum in Law or Mum?


  1. love this! you're so lucky to have a mother-in-law you're so close to! and a good cook to boot!

    Ms. Butterpants
    The Buttery Blog

  2. So nice for you to have such a great relationship with her and to be able to enjoy her cooking too!

  3. Good to read about your experience.. I am from South India too...
    Got back my nostalgic memories.. looking at that Idli dosa platter....

    Keep rocking...
    Will follow yours tooo... Catch you more often...

  4. Shri: I know they were great
    The Fink: I am very lucky thanks for stopping by
    Angie: thanks, have a good weekend
    Sandhya: thanks my hubby is from Chennai
    Sophie: thanks
    Foodie with a little thyme: smiles

  5. Yummy dosa and chutney Rebecca...readers will also miss ur indian treats,So when r u planning a trip to India..?

  6. The food looks delicious. I really gotta try dosas. I see them on everyone's blogs and they look so tasty!

  7. That's so sweet of Amma.Glad you are treasuring her food :)

  8. I bet you will really miss her cooking. It's so great that you have such a good relationship. My mom recently showed me how to make my great grandmother's chicken and dumplings. I still have a lot of recipes to learn from her.

  9. That is so cool that your mother in law was welcoming. I had a fried who was to be in an arranged marriage and she really was in love with someone else and really stood up to her family on the matter and went against their wishes. It can be sad since families will fall apart over those things.

    My mother in law is cool. She is very creative and artistic. She makes me cool stuff. And she is super nice.

  10. Vrinda: maybe next yr sometime we will go to India when his sis gets married have been a few times though add me as a friend on facebook to see pics
    Palidor oh they are good but hard to make!
    Yasmeen: i am blessed
    Lori: oh chicken and dumplings sounds great
    Melinda: oh thats sad about your friend, pleased your mum in law is cool lol

  11. I love my mother-in-law too. I am lucky to have a great second mom in a foreign country.She is American and she does not care about me being Colombian :) She is the best.

  12. Erica thats wonderful we are both lucky girls lol

  13. Oh, they're beautiful :) What fun to have such a wonderful relationship w/ your mum in law!

  14. LOVE this post Rebecca! There's something quite special about women cooking together in the kitchen, especially simple delights like idli&dosa. Then it's so sad when they return home, and you have to cook by yourself again. My mom and I BOTH experience that emotion when we go see her on weekends, then leave. Sending hugs your way :D

  15. My whole family grew up with Indian neighbors and good friends (till today), eating lots of dosas, idlis & curries etc. We can't imagine living without Indian food :D. Your MIL must be a really special & nice lady!

  16. Reeni: thanks
    Connie: thanks so much love ya call me
    petite nyonya:thanks she is very special thanks for stopping by Rebecca

  17. i miss idli and dosas so much..its been a long time since i had them..

  18. It's not easy to have good relationship between daughter-in-law & mom-in-law especially in different culture, right? So, you're a lucky girl! My in-law only speaks her dialect and I forced myself to learn that juz to communicate with her...ha ha. Still not very fluent though.

  19. I am as luck as you on my second mom. This is always great to learn new recipes from her. And she contributes my blog with her drawings.
    And these dishes above look so tasty!

  20. Parita: oh bless you, you will have to plan a trip back home
    my little space: thats great that you did that my Tamil is not very good either!
    Zerrin: thanks for stopping by so good you have a good mum in law

  21. My MIL too is very sweet-learnt a lot of North Karnataka and Maharashtrian dishes from her. She's also the one who taught me how to massage/bathe my son(Indian style)when he was born!!

  22. I had tried dosa before and love it very much. It is so healthy yet delicious! So glad that you have such a good relationship with your Amma. She is also lucky to have you too!

  23. VS: thanks
    Sweta: oh its so sweet how Indians massage babies love it
    food for tots thanks so much

  24. Its good to know that you have very good relationship with your Mum in law. Idlies and dosas speak for themselves...very inviting.

  25. This food looks delicious. When is dinner?

  26. Malar: I am lucky yep they do
    Esme: come over

  27. Rebecca, That was very sweet! Sounds like you have an amazing mum in law :) I think it's great that you are writing from home to raise your daughter. You are so talented and have a heart of gold! Besos Amiga!!




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