Sunday, September 13, 2009

Ever Wondered What Troops Eat?

Ever wondered what troops eat, my sis in law's boyfriend is in the British Navy and he just came back from a training exercise and was telling me about the ration pack, very high in fat/sugar 6000 calories a day to maintain stamina. The packs also contain laxatives as its high in fiber and they don't drink much.

They were all tucking into the biscuits over the webcam and hoping they were not eating laxatives. The article below from the Ministry of Defense states the packs have just changed and now include halal food, Indian and Chinese and Thai as the young soldiers tastes have changed since WW2. 

The clip below shows what the American troops eat, interesting, but it really makes us lucky to have home cooked food, I bet the first thing a soldier does when returning home is to eat a family meal LOL


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