My Mum in law made Idiyappam flour in India for Jasmine, she dried the rice flour to make it for her first granddaughter so sweet of her.
She reconstituted it with water to make a dough then used the special strainer to make the Indian noodles as she calls them! this takes a lot of strength (I remember trying to do it in India unsuccessfully) so hubby was roped in.

It was then steamed. In India it is served with milk and sugar for babies, this is how Jasmine had hers.
I had some with dal, it tastes really good, but a lot of work to make!

What special foods did your Grandma give you?

My British Grandma always gave us chocolate cake and yorkshire puddings, in fact she still does I say smiling



  1. Good thing the hubby was there. Hehe...

    I never knew my grandparents, but I think they'd feed me a lot of rice.

  2. I didn't grow up with my grandparents, sniff sniff...I was all the way over in Singapore while they were in Korea. But I still remember when my grandma would make fried potato tempuras for me when I visited. Ah, good memories....

  3. Such a sweet and warm family :)
    As told by my dad, my grandparents were great in cooking and baking as they held their own food business.But I never had the chance to try their cooking :(

  4. How sweet she made them for Jasmine--it looks like she enjoyed it! ;-)

  5. Super marvellous gadget and a meal for a baby king. well done...cheers Rico

  6. I had to find out what idiyappam was when I saw your post - looks tasty - we have the same frog bowl in our house too

  7. Yeap, it is! It takes a lot of work but worth to try. It tastes wonderfully yum.I'm lucky because I don't have to make my own. I can juz buy them from the Indian store or restaurant and they normally serve with grated coconut and yum! ha ha....

  8. So interesting! Grandmothers can be fairies!

  9. How cool! That does take some muscle!! My paternal grandma always made some killer fried pork chops, my paternal grandpa always had Little Debbie goodies (LOL) and maternal grandparents always had numerous holiday sweets!

  10. Jenn: so sorry you didn't know them yep he is strong!
    Burpandslurp: oh those sound so good,
    Mater Thin: oh thats a shame i bet if they had a business it would have been awesome
    Deb: shes a great grandma lol
    Ricardo: i know cool gadget!
    Kristin: she loved that bowl but always ends up on the floor after eating!
    my little space: thats cool you can get it ready made!
    Laura: grandmas rock lol
    girlichef; little Debbie my patients are hooked on these, oh pork chops yum,
    so happy i asked this question loving the responses

    Love Rebecca

  11. My grandmother always made the best rice and beans:)

  12. Well, my one grandmother was an alcoholic and the other is crazy ... so no nurturing on that front! However my great grandmother made Southern fried chicken you would kill for. In fact, if she were still alive I would probably eat meat again if she showed up with a plate of that.
    A sweet post - it's nice to see that some grandmas have their act together!

  13. Erica: sounds good
    Tasty Trix; oh thats sad, but real southern fried chicken is good for a treat lol

  14. Oh, how sweet!!! My Grandma always made me pizzelles and pudding!

  15. How interesting. I like Idiyappam but haven't seen it being made before.

  16. Reeni what are pizelles? sounds good though
    Y thanks for stopping by, i know cool right

  17. R-I have a cookbook giveaway I think that you would like.

  18. I love the photo of Jasmine and her grandma.
    We loved the rolled poppy seed sweet bread that my maternal grandma made for us.
    And her honey cookies, those were so good.

  19. Esme: will check it out lol
    Sophie: i know right lol
    Dajana: oh the bread sounds yummy

  20. What a lovely post Rebecca! You have such a great family. I love seeing family so close :) I'm so curious as to how this tastes. Looks great!

  21. Diana; thanks oh it tastes like rice noodles very good

  22. how neat! Looks like hard work. I used to love when my grandma made me mac and cheese, peaches and cream, chocolate chip cookies and breakfast in bed! So many good memories :)


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