Friday, September 4, 2009

Don't be too Strict with Kids and Food

I just read a great article on how when  parents are too strict with their children's diets in an attempt control weight and be healthier it can back fire, and kids want high fat/sugar foods even more.

The main points were
  • not to have a clean plate club, allow kids to stop eating when they feel full. Oh on another note my sister in law (Indian) is dating a Brit and she has been cooking for him, in Indian culture the lady will keep serving food until the person say's I have had enough and stop! and in British culture we finish our plates like American's! so he has gained weight!!
  • Educate on good nutrition in the home
  • Lead by example this is paramount in my opinion, so often as a dietitian I would hear kids not liking foods that mummy and daddy don't like
What are your tips?


  1. I completely agree. Although one of my sons went through a period of eating only the same foods and not particularly healthy ones, he eventually came back to being much less fussy and he has now introduced his girlfriend to a wider range of foods than she ate before. The other son is a foodie like me and loves to cook. Neither of them are overweight and enjoy their food.

  2. I do try to make my kids try everything, at least a this too strict? They don't live with us full time. When they're at their mom's, they eat whatever they want (usually ends up not being well-balanced). I, on the other hand, don't keep junk in the house and cook a wide variety of foods, and am always cooking up a large quantity of vegetables. (and LOVE them!) Lead by example, in this case, I'm not sure if it has enough impact. I do make a point to educate them on what foods will make them feel good and healthy.

  3. I so agree! I saw this article, and I also just posted a few days ago about the fact that I don't like the words, "Eat your vegetables."

    I like your point to lead by example. I don't think "making a big" deal about eating healthy foods is productive. Children go through different phases, but if there is mainly healthy food in the house and that's what everyone eats, I think they'll be fine in the end...

  4. Teresa: thanks
    Janice: sounds like you did a wonderful job lol
    tasty Eats at Home: you are doing great never underestimate the positive role model you are being and its fair to let them have a bite to try a new food
    andreas well notes: i agree great point thanks for stopping by i will go and read your post as well lol
    mom gatway thanks

  5. He,he,he-must keep this in mind!! I'm sure my son will be a rebel ;-)

  6. Sweta: oh Jasmine didn;t eat well for a while but better again

  7. Interesting thread. My children eat the same as mum and dad. We have fish, they have fish, we eat salad, they eat salad. They're happy and have no problem with any food stuff except one. My youngest son has a craving for chocolate, which we don't share. We try not to keep it in the house but Grandma does!!!



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