Friday, September 4, 2009

Don't be too Strict with Kids and Food

I just read a great article on how when  parents are too strict with their children's diets in an attempt control weight and be healthier it can back fire, and kids want high fat/sugar foods even more.

The main points were
  • not to have a clean plate club, allow kids to stop eating when they feel full. Oh on another note my sister in law (Indian) is dating a Brit and she has been cooking for him, in Indian culture the lady will keep serving food until the person say's I have had enough and stop! and in British culture we finish our plates like American's! so he has gained weight!!
  • Educate on good nutrition in the home
  • Lead by example this is paramount in my opinion, so often as a dietitian I would hear kids not liking foods that mummy and daddy don't like
What are your tips?


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