Fantastic Foodie Link: The 50 best things to eat in the world and where to eat them...

My hubby forwarded this article to me, its wonderful and almost like a to do list for all world food lovers! I have been to the wee chippie in Anstruther in Fife, love Fish and Chips. 

Has anyone been to anywhere on the list and where would you recommend?

The 50 best things to eat in the world, and where to eat them:


  1. Wow I need to visit and eat in a lot of them :)
    Excellent sent to twitter!



  2. Geez! I really need to stop cooking, and get out more! LOL

  3. Never. Been. To. Any. :( ....but I have time :D

  4. I used to live in Anstruther! We only ever went to the fish bar in winter, because the queues were so long in summer. Definitely worth a visit.

  5. I've just read the 50 best list, and it says that "The Wee Chippy" along the street is reckoned by locals to be better, and doesn't have the queues.

    In my day, the locals knew that the fish bar was the only place to go! I only moved in Dec 2006, and the Wee Chippy wasn't in existence then, so it must have made a very quick name for itself.

    I'm wondering if I have a wee chippy on my shoulder about this, on behalf of the fish bar.

  6. Not a one. I've been to many of the cities but not one of the locations in the article.

  7. kenny T: lucky boy lol
    Gera: cool twitter master
    fresh local and best: he he
    girlichef: you can visit lol
    Lota: thanks so much for stopping by and the local correction lol, my parents live in Fife, and I went to high school there Glenrothes (not as nice as Ansthruther though)
    Foodie with little thyme: like me lol

  8. Great list! I had dessert at laudree and Hermes in paris that's it!

  9. I haven't been to any of these places!! How sad!

  10. Sarah: those 2 must have been pretty cool though lol
    Reeni: but you can, plan a trip love Rebecca


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