Our Little One's First Transatlantic Flight: on flyingwithkids.com

Our Little One's First Transatlantic trip

I Just wanted to share an article I wrote for flyingwithkids.com it 's a lovely site dedicated to help inspire and give great practical advice for yep flying with kids. Folks are often nervous about flying with kids and especially small babies, I know I was but it was fine and well worth it. 
Paula Shelton the brains behind the site is herself a mother of two and a New Zealander and in my experience folks from here are great travelers!, she is in the process of revamping the site. 

So please check it out and offer comments/suggestions.........


  1. Rebecca, your blog is moving fast! I wonder if I'll be able to catch up with you...he he! I've posted my rainforest camping trip and I thought you might be interested in. Since you've requesting for it long time ago! Enjoy!

  2. Great job on the article. What a cute baby. I'm a mother of three and I've found that as long as you are relaxed the kids do great traveling. They are always ready for an adventure.

  3. Hi Rebecca, I have an award for you, kindly accept it.

  4. This is a very useful article you wrote =) You have one lucky little traveler!

  5. My little Space: i know what fun will read you post lol
    foodie wirh little thyme oh that is so true my hubby is better at it than me though!
    Faiza: wow thanks will do

  6. claire: thanks so much and thanks for visiting

  7. Nice article Rebecca..and cute picture...


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