Sunday, August 2, 2015

The Isle of Skye

I have always wanted to visit the Misty Isle also known as Skye. Its a beautiful Island off the West Coast of Scotland.

World famous for its natural beauty, scenic drives and its unique weather system that can change at any time, just watch the clouds. We recently returned from a trip to the UK seeing family and spent a week in Scotland. My Parents, my brother and sister in law and new baby niece live in Scotland so we planned a trip to the west coast. 

We rented a lovely cabin near the bridge you take over to Skye and visited a couple of times. The day we went to the mystical fairy pools it was sunny such a blessing on this Island not known for its good weather. These amazing waterfalls and crystal clear pools really captured my nearly 7 year old's imagination she is all about fairies. In fact when asked what she saw on her trip she mentions these magical pools. 

Skye is a must visit it has a spirit about it that captures peoples heart from around the world. Its a big Island so allow a few days to explore, and keep a sense of wonder and imagination you never know who you might see or indeed meet. 

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Strawberry Smoothie

One of the things I have really enjoyed this year is volunteering on the children's home farm, working in the strawberry fields was so rewarding seeing them grow and knowing that the sale of the strawberries helped the home. Strawberry season ended in North Carolina a while ago but one of the cool things about seeing family in Scotland is that I can have a second season. This simple smoothie is great as the season draws to an end and the strawberries are a little over ripe.

Monday, June 29, 2015

In Season Vegetable Soup

We love soups at our house in fact it is something my hubby asks me to make, the beauty of using in season produce is that flavor will be at its peak, and using a simple recipe the ingredients will shine. 
I made this one in the spring when new potatoes were in season one of my favorite farmers at the Tanglewood market had picked the potatoes a couple of hours before they tasted so fresh and earthy.


  • a small bowl of new potatoes
  • a handful of fresh parsley and oregano 
  • 1/2 an onion chopped
  • 3 cloves of garlic chopped
  • a little knob of butter 
  • 2 small carrots chopped
  • a bunch of fresh spinach 
  • a handful of frozen or fresh corn. 

  1. heat a little butter and saute the onions and the garlic for about 6 minutes
  2. then add the spinach a little at a time letting it reduce down
  3. add the potatoes, carrots and corn with about 2-3 cups of water and turn down to a simmer for about 10 minutes until the potatoes are soft
  4. add the fresh herbs and salt and pepper to taste.
  5. this soup didn't need any stock the wonderful vegetables and garden fresh herbs gave it flavor. 

Love this picture of our little Princess eating in season fresh tomatoes really can be eaten as apples.

Soon we are headed to the UK to visit family, touring the UK seeing Grandparents, brothers and sisters and cousins we are excited. Be sure to follow along on social media, the facebook page, twitter and vine and join in our adventure.

Hope your having  a wonderful summer 


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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Scuppernong Float

One thing I love about shopping at local farmers markets is that you get to discover local foods, that may be new to you. It was in North Carolina that I first had muscadine grapes, these grapes are native to the area and grow really well. They can be eaten, made into a juice, a wine or jellies. I confess to eat they are a tad sweet for my liking and they have tough skins. So a juice is a good way to go.

 The grapes grow well in the south, there are a few varieties one being the Scuppernong  found growing wild in northeastern North Caroline in 1810 by Dr. Calvin Jones Float. They are rich in antioxidants and are truly a taste of the American South. 

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Edenton North Carolina - Photo Series

En route to North Carolina's Outer Banks we stopped for a night in Edenton. I had read about it as one of America's prettiest small towns its steeped in history and this made it a big draw to me. Its North Carolina's first colonial capital so it has British roots and boosts the States oldest courthouse that is still in operation from 1767. 

Its a lovely little town situated on the Albemarle sound a pretty body of water for fishing and boating. I confess its very small and could be done as a day trip really or maybe a coffee or spot of lunch en route to the coast. But if you love History as I do and historic buildings its well worth a visit. 

Cupola house, a lovely home from the 1700's with pretty gardens 

Roanake River lighthouse - a favorite of mine built in 1886 to guide boats, its a lovely focal point and next to a kids play ground. 

this made me smile as a Brit 


lovely old homes, this one is for sale :)

What little town has impressed you lately ?

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