Topsail Beach and Tips for Healthy Eats

So we went to Topsail beach for a couple of days my neighbours Mum has a beach house there, very old and rustic he he, but all in all great place and a few steps from the beach. Topsail is a great family spot, no hotels and less crowds with a wonderful beach. There are a few restaurants in the main town Surf city we had a decent crab cake, but really a little limited. The first night we got a Thai take out as we were starving and despite our hunger we all agreed it was the worst try at Thai food ever!

If visiting the Island I would recommend taking groceries with you, as when on the south end there are so local stores near by.
So the second night, I made wholewheat spaghetti with cucumber, tomato, and pepper, tuna and mayonnaise, as it is healthy and easy to make with limited ingredients

this was this mornings breakfast my hubby brought it to me I was so touched and it was so healthy so it just goes to show you can get healthy when away from home.....

we came home as a little too hot for us Brits in the 90's and even my Indian hubby he he 


  1. I love toasts with butter and jam and some fruits...and the beach air?? glorious day!

  2. Great tips. Sounds like a lovely time. I need to take a beach day!

  3. Looks like you had a wonderful time--such a pretty beach too.

  4. A beach day sounds like heaven to me!!

  5. I love the beach, I am heading for vacation soon to the beach I cant wait

  6. Now that is a combination I would never have thought up myself!! I bet it was good though...anything with spaghetti, tuna and mayo must be good (I mean, it's like a tuna sandwich, right?!) The beach looks so pretty, I'm going to Florida in about two weeks and am SO excited!

  7. peachkins: yes what a combo
    Jenn" yep u live in LA love Malibu enjoy LOL
    DEb: was fun
    Donna: was lovely
    Denise: have loads of fun
    Gina: love florida have fun where are you going?


  8. That beach looks amazing and sounds like you are having a wonderful time with your parents!

  9. What a bummer about the bad thai!! I feel like thai restaurants are the one thing I can normally rely on to be good no matter where I've traveled :)

  10. That was so sweet of your hubby!! Good to have you back-missed reading your post.
    We're off to Las Vegas($$$) today-will be back on Monday :)

  11. Sounds like a fun time at the beach!

  12. Erica: yep enjoying their visit loads
    Steph: I know weird about the Thai
    Sweta: he's great have fun in Las Vegas look forward to reading about the food, they have a culinary school there so should be good LOL
    5 star foodie: it was LOL Rebecca


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