Rebecca's Guacamole

  • 2 avocado's (rich in oleic fat, a healthy monounsaturated fat, vitamin A and Vitamin k)
  • 1/4 chopped red onion
  • 2 chopped cloves garlic
  • 1/4 bunch fresh cilanto, finely chopped
  • salt
  • cumin powder or seeds
  • a little chopped tomato
  • lime juice
  • a little olive oil
  1. add all ingredients together and mash with fork, so quick and simple makes a great light lunch or snack. Or of course good as a starter or for parties.
We had this for lunch, Jasmine ate a little mashed avocado with a cheese sandwich. Avocado makes a great first baby food, as when ripe it mash's very well and its rich in vitamins and healthy fats.

My mother in law loved this as she's on a very strict diet for religious reasons (Brahma kumari) and doesn't eat in restaurants. We made a little spice blend with salt, chili powder (she's Indian!), cumin powder and coriander powder (another name for cilantro!), then we simply mashed with a ripe avocado in the hotel room!

Luckily for me I have no dietary restrictions as a Christian, and little Jasmine is free to try anything she wants.

and lastly this was what my hubby made for breakfast it looked so good and colorful I just had to take a picture, fellow foodies you know how that goes!

Bacon, yellow grits, tomato, onion and green pepper
An Indian eating grits we live in the South, love it.

Have a wonderful weekend love ya


  1. I LOVE Guacamole!!! Sounds amazing :D

  2. I'm glad that I'm so keen on avocado! Nice and easy guacamole recipe.

    And it's my first time to hear Brahma kumari, sounds interesting to me. They practise very strict yogi diet?

  3. I love avocado-but both the son and the hubby tend to turn up their noses :(

  4. Looks so gud..avocado does it all ...and your header is so cool

  5. C.G me too
    Girlichef: thanks
    Kenny: yep a type of meditation yoga its international probably in hong kong
    Sweta: to be honest Jasmine wasn't that keen but you know how babies can me eat it one day reject the next he he h
    Priti: thanks for stopping by, will check out your blog also

  6. Yum! I love guacamole, too, and this recipe is different than mine, just different enough that I need to try it! I love the flavors added!

  7. A stupid question perhaps but bear with me, I'm English ;)

    What are grits? It looks kind of like scrambled egg, or perhaps some kind of potato?

    I'll have to try guacamole again - only had it once before but I'm not really an avocado fan. Perhaps I'll add a bit more onion and tomato. The cumin sounds nice, one of my favourite spices :)

  8. Wow! A nice and healthy breakfast!

  9. Jamie: thanks
    Louise: no need to so sorry i am also a Brit and didn't know what grits were before living in America, its cornmeal, like a coarse porridge
    Annoco: thanks

  10. i just love guacamole!! what a delicious breakfast your hubby made for you! i love men that can cook! :)

  11. Don't remember when I last time had Guacamole...
    A healthy yet delicious breakfast!

    Angie's Recipes

  12. A good guacamole recipe is key to have at hand! Delicious indeed! I'm glad Jasmine tried it.

  13. Avocados is one of my favorite vegetables. Sometimes I just eat avocado with salt and lime for a quick snack. Love your guacamole recipe!

  14. I am with girlichef, and being from Texas I am all for the guac! Now I want some...

    Yes, if you want to add my cherry gazpacho that would be great! email me and I will send you a pic...Thanks

  15. Sunny: yep me too!
    Angie: you need to have some again!
    Marta: so true
    Erica: thanks Erica that means a lot from you LOL
    Chef E: thanks appreciate it will email you soon Rebecca

  16. I love guacamole, Rebecca! This reminds me it's time to make some! Looks so yummy!

  17. Reeni oh I bet yours will be fab LOL

  18. I feel like guacamole in a verrine for lunch, and will try your recipe today!


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