Friday, July 31, 2009

Tips to Make Good Chapatti's

I ate the chapatti's with black Channa and veggies

I have been making chapatis a few years now and slowly they are improving, through trail and error this is what I have learnt
  1. Make the dough and let it sit for 1 hr
  2. Add yogurt to the dough to make it softer
  3. Use a very flat dosa pan to cook them
  4. Press down the sides and turn it as cooking to trap air inside to make them puff up
  5. Roll thinly as it puffs up better
  6. Try and Try again, folks from North Indian and Pakistan make these everyday, practice makes perfect.

Little Jasmine is going through a stage that she doesn't want me to feed her and she likes to throw it on the floor, also she doesn't want to be in her high chair now I understand the issues around feeding parents had as a dietitian he he!
With patience and understanding of her independence things will get better I am sure.

Please comment with your tips then they will get even better, 

have a wonderful weekend all, 



  1. Reb your chapatti's look really yummy . I can provide one more tip. Instead of yogurt try milk. which will make chapatti more soft . It will also taste different. These are called phulkas. The dough mixture is the same as for chapatti's but its cooked on hot griddle without any oil. Its healthier for calorie conscious folks.
    Put phulka on the hot griddle/skillet. Cook for about 1 minute, until the top starts to look dry and small bubbles start to form. Flip and cook the other side for about 30 seconds until small bubbles form.

    Take the phulka off the griddle/skillet and turn the heat to medium, and put the phulka directly on the flame. It should balloon into a spherical shape and puff up. Remove from fire and spread ghee one side and serve hot.

    Practice is required to make the Phulka puff fully, so don’t lose heart. Serve hot with a sabzi

  2. The tips on chapathi are very useful Being a South Indian , I was very poor at making them .Always mine turned out as pappads :( till I got some tips from friends. Jasmine looks cute and I love that independent thinking very much..he he.

  3. Rebecca: thanks
    Anita: great tips, I used to make this but unfortunately i don't have gas sob sob
    Viki: practice, thats what I will do lol

  4. you daughter is so very cute!!!

  5. mmmm...delicious!! I say get Jasmine a little t.v. tray (the kind with short legs, usually metal with children's characters on them) and set up her food for her right there on the's a phase...enjoy it while it's here :D

  6. she`s so cute! we are in the same dilemma. my son is also on an independence streak and only wants glad it`s fish though.

  7. olga: thanks
    Girlichef: thats a great idea
    Mayra: fish is good so i am not the only one lol

  8. I really have no idea about Jasmine! B'coz my kids never throw things or foods in this way! Probably, you can try making up stories with some toys eating with her. You know, kids always have good imagination! But these days, kids are getting really active, they juz won't stay quiet!

  9. The rebellious stage! I'm sorry I have no advice for you.These chappatti's sound so good - thanks for all the tips.

  10. My little space: you were lucky
    Reeni: no probs

  11. I love Indian food! I have not yet attempted to make a chapatti. It doesn't sound as difficult as I was thinking...during my time in Indian I watched the women make them and enjoyed eating them! I will give this a try.

    Thank you for visiting my blog today!

  12. nice chapatis and they are so healthy.......
    i make them daily and have photographed the procedure ...a fellow blogger had asked for kali daal makhni and chapati so i have done it for next post on my banaras blog......
    you are a great cook and making chapatis may be a bit difficult , especially the shape ....but as i see you making so many things so perfectly, you'll master chapatis too....

  13. Kate you can do it if I can lol
    Sangeeta: thanks, will check it out



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