Friday, July 3, 2009

Breakfast Crepes and Happy July 4th

We had crepes with banana's and nutella for breakfast yesterday with Brazilian coffee, it was great and then little Jasmine had a crepe with cheese for lunch another good finger food for little ones!

Happy 4Th of July everyone, I just read an article in the Chicago Tribune talking about the top American foods, it listed 
1. hamburgers and cheeseburgers
2. BBQ
3. mac and cheese
4. apple pie
and steak
My favourite American foods are pancakes, bagels, blueberries and cookies! oh and I adore Cajun and New Orleans Cuisine its fantastic definitely my favourite regional food, gumbo being number one!

what are yours?.......


  1. my fave american food are hamburgers and steaks! yumm..happy 4th of July!

  2. Apple pie and Lobster Boil. Enjoy the holiday weekend.

  3. Mac and Cheese and Apple pie?? Ugh, I rarely eat either of those. BBQ and hamburgers though, YUM! Blueberries are a great choice too, amen to that!

  4. Mac and cheese is definitely on my list. Then again so is everything on that list. Yumyum!!

  5. just inspired me for a dish I am making...I also wish I would wake up and this would miraculously appear in front of me...but hubby does not cook :(

  6. Peachkins: happy 4th I am a Brit so not really for me but what the heck !!
    Mary: lobster sounds good
    Gina: he he
    Jenn: I know
    Chef E sounds interesting will look forward to your post

  7. Crepes...I have never made them--are they really hard?

  8. My favorite American food? I can't decide - I love food so much!! Happy 4th! Have a great weekend!

  9. Jenn: no not hard at all its a basic mix, plain flour 2 eggs and milk, add to you get a runny mixture and make like a pancake
    Reeni: thanks the same to you

  10. Hi, Rebecca! Thanks for comment in my blog. I love american food. I like pancakes, cheesecake, cookies... Yummm... I must to try mac and cheese!



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