Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Healthy Baby Snacks

Well my parents have left, miss them already but nice to have my house back, 3 1/2 weeks is a long time thats the problem with living so far from home. Shame we can't meet for weekends.

Here are some healthy and portable baby snacks, for babies with a couple of teeth!
-Baby Mum Mum, rice rusks, a little high in sugar but in individual packets and babies love em!
- Applesauce I also recently came across a great Organic one by Vermont Village Cannery Banana and strawberry apple sauce
-Drinkable baby yogurts by stonyfield farms
-Banana's great at any age
-Apples or really any fruit, mandarin oranges are great as soft and easy to chew and the little cups are again very portable
-cheese sticks, but don't keep in heat!
-Pieces of bread, Jasmine loved French bread the best
-Happy Baby Organic puffs, finger size and melt in the mouth
-also getting a natural fruit and yogurt smoothie when out is great we have a place in Winston Salem called Brew Nerds, fantastic smoothies if your ever in town!
-and don't forget to take water, especially in the summer heat



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