Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Healthy Baby Snacks

Well my parents have left, miss them already but nice to have my house back, 3 1/2 weeks is a long time thats the problem with living so far from home. Shame we can't meet for weekends.

Here are some healthy and portable baby snacks, for babies with a couple of teeth!
-Baby Mum Mum, rice rusks, a little high in sugar but in individual packets and babies love em!
- Applesauce I also recently came across a great Organic one by Vermont Village Cannery Banana and strawberry apple sauce
-Drinkable baby yogurts by stonyfield farms
-Banana's great at any age
-Apples or really any fruit, mandarin oranges are great as soft and easy to chew and the little cups are again very portable
-cheese sticks, but don't keep in heat!
-Pieces of bread, Jasmine loved French bread the best
-Happy Baby Organic puffs, finger size and melt in the mouth
-also getting a natural fruit and yogurt smoothie when out is great we have a place in Winston Salem called Brew Nerds, fantastic smoothies if your ever in town!
-and don't forget to take water, especially in the summer heat



  1. HI! This is my first visit but food blogs - HELLO, I'm there! I don't need any baby snacks right now because my baby is 17, but something tells me I'm going to find plenty of other great things on here. Have you been in the US for long? Was it hard to learn our measurements?? Take care ~ :)

  2. Hi Rebecca, I'll forward your link to my best friend in London who has recently given birth to a baby girl, for her record. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Looks like a great food for babies. Great suggestions for healthy snacks too!

  4. The imperfect Housewife: thanks for following I have lived in the US 6 years now used to the measurements we used Kg officially in the UK and stones for weight thats 14lb per stone!!
    The ungourmet: thanks, will share as I learn along the way I need to find baby blogs LOL

  5. Do you know you can eat spaghetti with apple sauce? Haven't seen one with the combination of apple and raspberry here....
    My husband now still love to eat spaghetti with apple sauce atop of it....that's something he has been always eating and enjoying when he was still a kid....unbelievable.....I laugh at him whenever he asks for apple sauce for the noodles....

    p.s. Just came back from a supermarket....didn't find Mövenpick ice cream in this store, ....I did see them somewhere in the city center. So I bought another 3 packs of chocolate: Dark 72% (though would love to get some 85%), caramel and Amaretti flavours....and some Langnese raspberry ice cream....

    Angie's Recipes

  6. Such healthy tasty treats for babies.

  7. Yummy cute foods for babies..

  8. Angie thats a great idea pasta with apple sauce, have mashed banana with baby pasta will give it a try
    your icecream sounds great
    Donna thanks

  9. Thanks for the great list of baby snacks! My baby loves fresh fruit, especially blueberries and grapes (for the grapes, I peel them and halve them) so I carry it in a food container, ready-to-eat.

  10. thanks for the tip Cate always looking for them lol

  11. Great post! Lots of healthy, easy suggestions!

  12. Check,check,check-great list!! Have had most of them on my list when I travel :)

  13. thanks for all of the great info on babies...we're starting to think seriously about it and i love that there is all sorts of goodness out there now to feed your kids.

  14. Sweta nice to have u back he he
    Rebecca: its the best thing u can ever do LOL

  15. Rebecca,
    You have been nominated to receive the "Kreativ Blogger Award." (See my blog for image on sideboard.)

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  16. Thanks Anthony I got this award a few days ago and posted a list so I will pass it back to you so great to learn about you. You should place you music on your blog LOL Rebecca



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