Tuesday, July 21, 2009

FDA wants to tighten regulation of Glucose Monitors

The FDA wants to tighten regulation of glucose monitors as it states that results can differ by as much as 20%, this is really important,  as diabetics need an accurate reading to safely administer the correct dose of insulin.

 In fact it was reported that a lot of  hospitals are using the less accurate home monitors to save costs, these are not even approved for use in hospitals. 

I hope regulations improve to protect diabetics, also recent research states that tight glucose control doesn't improve outcomes in hospitals going against previous research, but which meters were used?

If you or a loved one has diabetes be sure to calibrate your machine often and check against the meter in your doctors office



  1. 20% difference! that is scary!

  2. Wow... 20%... I'm glad the regulations have been made tighter!
    Thanks for the information!

  3. wow- that's crazy! My granddad and 2 uncles have diabetes, so thank you- I'll be sure to pass the info along.

  4. This is a much informative post. Love to follow ur blog.

  5. MaRya: I know
    Marta: no problem
    Allison: thats good to pass it along
    Viki: thanks

  6. My parents'-in-law owned one of these, too!



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