Friday, July 24, 2009

Mac and Cheese With Broccoli and Crab

I made homemade mac and cheese today with broccoli, crab meat (from yesterdays crab cakes) and mixed veggies. With an onion and cheddar cheese sauce yummy. Jasmine ate well, after I stopped trying to feed her and looked away, she feed herself independent little baba!

Oh and for the Mums out there this is a neat radio station and website for kids, with British accents made me feel homesick though.



  1. Mac & cheese with broccoli and crab sounds delicious! Great idea for leftover crabcakes.

  2. I wanted to thank you for stopping by my site and the wonderful comments.

    I love mac and cheese espcially with goodies mixed in.

  3. hummingbird appetite: it was will send ya some lol
    Judy: it my first crab cakes, made by me to!
    MJ: thanks
    Miranda: no problem have a lovely saturday


  4. Great combination!!!! I always make mac and cheese with broccoli....adding crab delicious idea.

  5. This looks delicious! You should send this to BSI Broccoli!

  6. Nice seeing you at my blog and thanks so much for the cheering on. New bloggers need this.

    I am thrilled you are adding this recipe to the BSI. It looks like it is tasty and a comfort food. How does one beat that?

  7. Comfy cook: you will love blogging but beware it can be additive he he

  8. Yum! Great meal and great BSI submission.

  9. hey rbecca..your little jasmine is so sweet in the last post..

    mac n cheese is such an addictive foods around...i also try n add veggies by it's side ...

  10. Cucinsta: thanks Reenie reminded me to do it LOL
    Sangeeta:; good to have veggies and great meal for lil ones lol

  11. Your little tot seems to be a great eater! I'll have to make this for lunch!



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