Hope for Diabetics: Artificial Pancreas

This is a ray of hope for Type one diabetics dependent on insulin, continuous blood glucose monitors have been around for a while and insulin pumps now they have put the two together. It's currently in the early stages and being tested on 75 folks in the US but so far the results are good, allowing them to lead a more normal life and eat what they want (of course healthy choices are a plus!) the device checks the glucose then injects the correct amount of insulin. I have been a dietitian 9 years and the advances in diabetes care over this time are mind blowing. 
Praise God for smart scientists...

Official website for the project http://www.jdrf.org/index.cfm?page_id=104576


  1. This is such good news-ever since I've had GDM,I'm trying hard to maintain as healthy a lifestyle as possible!!

  2. wow, that's amazing. I know a few people with type 1 DM and they do really well monitoring their bs, and giving themselves insulin, but this amazing invention would change their lives forever! Thanks for the information, it's so neat, and it provides great hope for the future!

  3. Awesome info...thanks for posting it.
    I know you already have this award, but I wanted to send it to you anyways... :-)
    I love your blog!!!
    Come by my blog and see the award I just nominated you for...and I've linked to your site!
    All the best, Amanda

  4. This is the greatest news and it brings hope to others.

  5. Hope this great science news come to the reality without any type complications and successfully for a lot of people.

    All the best,


  6. Sweta: your doing great and i know its thrilling news
    Gina: love it
    Hannah: thanks my new blogging buddy
    my little space: I know its wonderful
    Gera: I have every faith it will work out


  7. How amazing! It's incredible what scientists can figure out.


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