Monday, July 6, 2009

If Your Trying to Lose Weight Top up on Vitamin D

A study done in Minnesota in 38 overweight men and women put on a calorie restricted diet showed that for each 1ng/ml increase in vitamin D obese people lost 1/2 lb more weight. So if your trying to lose weight check your vitamin D levels, walk in the sunshine a little and eat oily fish, vitamin D enriched milk or orange juice.

Table 3: Selected Food Sources of Vitamin D [23-25]
FoodIUs per serving*Percent DV**
Cod liver oil, 1 tablespoon1,360340
Salmon, cooked, 3.5 ounces36090
Mackerel, cooked, 3.5 ounces34590
Tuna fish, canned in oil, 3 ounces20050
Sardines, canned in oil, drained, 1.75 ounces25070
Milk, nonfat, reduced fat, and whole, vitamin D-fortified, 1 cup9825
Margarine, fortified, 1 tablespoon6015
Ready-to-eat cereal, fortified with 10% of the DV for vitamin D, 0.75-1 cup (more heavily fortified cereals might provide more of the DV)4010
Egg, 1 whole (vitamin D is found in yolk)206
Liver, beef, cooked, 3.5 ounces154
Cheese, Swiss, 1 ounce124


  1. Great info..thanx for sharing...

  2. Dear Erica and Vrinda: I have just finished the post I was busy with my little one he he rebecca

  3. so great to meet you! i'll follow you too. have a great evening!

  4. Nice info.. thanks for sharing rebecca!

  5. interesting! I wonder if that why I lose more weight in the summer despite eating pretty much the same too? huh.

  6. This is very good to know. Good thing I'm not picky in food, so I've got my pick to vitamin D ingredients.

  7. Interesting info! Is Vitamin D one you can get too much of? (besides the sunlight of course!) ;-)

  8. Didn't know that.... thanks for the information!

    Angie's Recipes

  9. Wow, interesting. Well, I have my entire family on vitamin D so they should thank me!! :)

  10. That is an excellent tip, thank you.

  11. Rebecca: like wise!
    Sanghi: no problem
    LK: maybe but i beat your more active in the summer!
    Jenn: good not to be picky he he
    Deb: yep its a fat soluble vit so you wouldn't want to overdo supplements if your deficient just what MD recommends 10,000 iU I think, Gina do you know?
    Gina: like it
    Angie and Donna: thanks

  12. Thanks Rebecca! Do you know if fish oil capsules have vitamin D in them?

  13. Very good info, thank you!

  14. Reeni: to answer your question I guess you would have to check ingredients, maybe some do but most will only contain omega 3 as it is extracted from fish to make supplement. hope that helps
    calm in the kitchen no problem

  15. Thanks! I am taking one 1,000 iu D supplement a day along with turmeric to see if i can more naturally deal with my asthma and improve my breathing and keep reading it's a good combo.

  16. Thanks! This should help to lose the poutine gut :)

  17. Thanks for the info!! I'm trying to lose 8 dreaded pounds, so this is definitely up my ally :) I want to get back into my prepregnancy pants, LOL!!



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