Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Thai Chiang Mai Restaurant High Point NC

So today we ate with lovely friends in a family owned authentic Thai restaurant in High Point NC. These same friends often eat with us in Greensboro at a Vietnamese restaurant see my header LOL.
Tilusha in fact is a fellow foodie, I adore the way she gets excited about food and often say's when she likes something "thats what I am talking about!" so anyways she is a fellow dietitian, was born in England and is Indian raised in the US how cool. She is planning to start a blog with my help of course!, will give you the link to her blog soon.

Papaya Salad, Traditional Thai salad with raw papaya, chili and fish sauce, yummy

Phrang Curry Chicken, nice and spicy

Homemade coconut ice-cream
Little Jasmine's Treat 
What's your favorite Thai food?



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