Thai Chiang Mai Restaurant High Point NC

So today we ate with lovely friends in a family owned authentic Thai restaurant in High Point NC. These same friends often eat with us in Greensboro at a Vietnamese restaurant see my header LOL.
Tilusha in fact is a fellow foodie, I adore the way she gets excited about food and often say's when she likes something "thats what I am talking about!" so anyways she is a fellow dietitian, was born in England and is Indian raised in the US how cool. She is planning to start a blog with my help of course!, will give you the link to her blog soon.

Papaya Salad, Traditional Thai salad with raw papaya, chili and fish sauce, yummy

Phrang Curry Chicken, nice and spicy

Homemade coconut ice-cream
Little Jasmine's Treat 
What's your favorite Thai food?



  1. The somtam!! That's my fav, the one you had first..the papaya salad! YUM~ I like it extra extra spicy though!

  2. I usually get pad thai or pineapple fried rice at thai restaurants. I also get spring rolls, too.

  3. Oh dear, u've ordered the 2 favourite Thai dishes of mine!

    Jasmine is such a sweetie, she always wears a smiley face! ^_^

  4. How awesome to be an inspiration for other foodies, Rebecca :) All of the food looks delish. I don't know what my favorite Thai food is...suppose I haven't had enough to actually be able to choose one.

  5. Burpandslurp: oh sortam i must try this new to me, spicy is good lol
    Hummingbird: oh I love pad thai lol
    Kenny T: see I have good taste if I like what you like
    Girlichef: cool uh, love it, oh you need to get more Thai LOL, and you inspire me I showed her your site as one of my favs

  6. THe food looks delicious! And it's a lovely family picture the one you share with us!

  7. I usually order chicken with holy basil but I absolutely love green curry - chicken or prawn, preferably both! Always wanted to try that papaya salad, seen it on loads of Rick Stein shows, he says it's the best thai dish ever!

  8. a world in a pan: thanks
    Louise: you must try it but ask for mild as Thai people like really hot food, sometimes more than Indian he he

  9. i lov thai foods,becoz it has lots of similarities with our foods especially Kerala foods..v add coconuts and coconut milk in almost everything..i lov iced thai tea...lovely pics...

  10. oh i love thai food!! i usually go for the usual... pad thai. i love to order a side of the hot green chili's to spice it up.

  11. How cool! My daughter loves sticky rice at Thai restaurants, and I love just about anything.

  12. Vrinda: oh thats right lots of coconut kerala is gorgeous
    Reeni: oh me too lol
    Kelsey: oh i should get that for Jasmine

  13. Oh gosh, I'm in Thai heaven just looking and reading this post! My fave? Tom Gha Kai (coconut Chicken soup)....Panang Curry Salmon, Laab Chicken Salad, Phad Thai (of course), oh gee, it's my second fave cuisine, so I love it all! Just ate another great one in Boone, NC that I posted about. I have a bunch of Thai web-sites and blogs at the very bottom of my sidebar for your info if you like. We'll have to try this place the next time we're in NC! Thanks ~ roz

  14. Hey-so cool!!
    What is Tilusha's blog url? She left a comment-but I can't get a link back to her profile. Give her my best wishes and it'll be fun to have another blogging buddy :) Welcome Tilusha!!

  15. Oh my Rebecca, those papaya salad is so delicious especially together with pineapple rice....mouth watering! hmm..mmm...

  16. Bella: thats so cool oh I adore the soups as well will look on your blog
    Sweta: she doesn't have a blog yet just got the google account then opening a blog will keep ya posted shes so sweet love her
    my little space: oh pineapple rice sounds great


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