Amma's Vegetable Korma

So we just made vegetable korma South Indian style very nice, heres your next Indian recipe, I am always standing in the kitchen with a pen in hand and a helping hand!

  • fennel seeds
  • oil
  • salt
  • 3 cloves
  • 1 stick cinnamon
  • garlic/ginger paste
  • 1 big tomato
  • coconut either frozen or the milk
  • masala powder

  1. heat the oil and add fennel, cloves, cinnamon, onion and curry leaves- 3 min
  2. add ginger/garlic paste
  3. then add tomato and reduce down for 3 minutes
  4. add lots of vegetables chopped into small pieces, Amma says the more colorful the better
  5. add a cup of water and masala powder to taste and salt cover and simmer for 10 min
  6. add coconut with a little garam masala 
Its ready we ate it with rice (South Indians love rice lol), and okra (the recipe is on my blog archives)

Its so cute to see Jasmine with her Grandparents, they think she is adorable but a little actress he he he

What's your favorite recipe you have learned from your mum in law if you have one.....


  1. i love these foods with rice! we will celebrate my Indian friend`s birthday tonight and she said she will make Indian curry. I wonder what i can prepare which will go with the curry? do you have any ideas?

  2. The veggie korma sounds delicious, would love to try!

  3. Wow vegetable korma looks lovely. While making it would have given a nice aroma. Aroma fills half of our tummies.

  4. Yummy kurma,so u r learning lots of dishes from Amma,great job..

  5. it's very simple n quick...have to try.

  6. Thanks for checking out my blog!! I hope you come back again! I LOVE Indian food, and your recipes look FANTASTIC!

  7. thats sounds great yar...the curry looks too tempting!!am hungry the way nice click...

  8. MaRya: your asking a Brit he eh Raita (google it, its yogurt, onion, chili and cucumber) would be good have fun at your friends birthday
    Deb: i love them also lol
    5 star foodie: come on over lol
    Lone Acorn: so true
    Vrinda: trying to soak in her yrs on cooking knowledge!
    my little space: give it a try
    Jolene: i'll be back lol
    Reeni: was goood
    Subhie: love the North Indian yar!! lol

  9. hahaha! thank you! i will reserve that for next time! I didnt have time to experiment but my did she make a great curry!

  10. well i didnt learn cooking but still i can cook homely food! :) lol... nice article, keep writing. :)

  11. marya: oh well next time lol
    Kevin: thanks so much lol

  12. This looks good. I know little about Indian food but the more I blog, the more I learn. One day, I just may expand my horizons. First, I have to make a decent pie crust.

  13. sweet and savoury: oh you should try indian its great

  14. I always inspired by you, your views and attitude, again, thanks for this nice post.

    - Thomas


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