Thursday, August 27, 2009

Food For Thought....

This is a neat clip and makes you think lets buy local when we can, especially with produce, as you know I recently joined a food guild/community supported agriculture. So far so good its such fun to look in the box and see what's in there.
Of course if you want banana's, mangoes and Alaskan Salmon it may be tough, but we can all do our bit to prevent food wastage..

any other ideas?


  1. When I opened my cafe in a health food store a few years ago I learned so much about buying local, what companies to purchase our produce and wild caught fish from...this video is so true...I am careful when I shop now...We need to be more conscious about where the food comes from...ask, google, and reading helps us learn more...the problem is people use the excuse that food that is cheaper works best, but it does not...

  2. LOVE this clip! I was chuckling and smiling all the way through. The faces! And of course what a great way to convey some very interesting (and obviously little known) facts. Food grown closer to home always tastes better as well!!

    I do make exceptions for some food from far away if thats the only place it comes from (ie Alaskan, or Scottish, salmon) because I know that supports communities that would suffer if everyone bought local food only. And because I enjoy salmon ;)

  3. nice clip,i always prefer fresh produce near by...

  4. Nice clip.....fresh, local are always better and ideal.

    Angie's Recipes

  5. Great video clip! I try to buy local when I can, fortunately Wegmans has a good selection of local products, love it!

  6. Chef E: wow wish I could visit your cafe sounds great
    Michelloui: I am the same as you in the way I purchase lol
    Vrinda: tastes good as well
    Angie: yep
    5 star foodie; thats cool

  7. I also like to buy local when I can to. The problem arises, as you pointed out, when you want certain ethnic foods. For people who want foods from their homeland, there often times is no other option but to import.

    I read an interesting article written by a prof at the University of Toronto. He raised an interesting premise: sometimes it takes more energy to grow food locally than to grow them elsewhere and ship them. This is due to many factors, including local climate (e.g. it can take huge amounts of energy to mimic the food's natural environment), and the use of energy efficient growing methods.

    Just some food for thought...

  8. Palidor: oh thats interesting, i think there is no right or wrong with it, but nice to support local farmers as they are our neighbours oh yeah and ethnic foods need to be imported, I need my British tea and its not grown in NC LOL



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