Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Fun Food Facts About Brits!

This was in the Daily Mail very interesting just had to share:


  • There were only six Indian restaurants in Britain in 1950, but by 2004 their number had grown to around 9,000. They account for two-thirds of all eating out
  • We eat at least twice as many baked beans per person as any other nationality
  • Each week, the average person scoffs three chocolate bars, three packets of crisps, one cereal bar, one bag of nuts, one muffin, four biscuits and six sweets
  • We drink 165 million cups of tea a day - around three cups a day for every man, woman and child. While we account for a mere 0.91 per cent of the world's population, we are responsible for 6 per cent of its tea consumption
  • Eighty-eight per cent of breakfasts are eaten at home. But 15 per cent of Londoners eat them at work

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1208058/Eight-Brits-Tantalising-titbits-worlds-79th-largest-nation-us.html#ixzz0PFDYLcGT


  1. WOW! That is some interesting stuff. Esp. about the Indian restaurants!

  2. Yep, that sounds about right! I lived in London for six months during my undergrad and in Cambridge for a year doing my master's degree and those statistics reflect my own experience there.

    I'm pleased to announce I still drink roughly the same amount of tea, chocolate bars and biscuits. Can't get on board with the baked beans, though...

  3. I just added myself as a follower to your blog!

  4. Kamran: Brits love Indian thats why I am with one he he
    Jennifer: oh chocie biscuits can get mcvities in world market lol oh but I love my beans!
    Velva: thanks lol

  5. These are fun facts! Wow! That's a lot of tea!

  6. Lovely, I wanna move to England

  7. Interesting facts! Ive always thought it interesting that for a nation that was once so well known for its bland food that it loves Indian restaurants so much! Perhaps it was the Indian restaurants that helped the people become more creative with their meat and two veg!

  8. Great info! LIke always numbers are important in our daily lifestyle....$$$$..he he!

  9. Too funny! I love food trivia! But more baked beans than Americans? Wow, you learn something new every day!

  10. Four biscuits and six sweets???? they obviously left me out of that survey!

  11. Oh and as for baked beans, I remember being on French exchange, and by the end of the week all the French kids complaining about these weird beans in tomato sauce they kept being fed by the English mums. We didnt understand what they were on about.

  12. My first thought - wow, that is a lot of tea! Ha, ha! I haven't made it to England yet, but when I do I'll be taking advantage of all that great Indian food and the comforting tea as well.

  13. SO so very true lol

  14. ungourmet; my hubby always tells me I drink too much tea!
    Kenny: ok, lets go, actually HK is a lil bit like London in my opinion lol
    Michelloui: too true
    my little space: he he
    Jamie: oh yeah and you can often find Heinz the British version in US stores now LOL
    Katie: oh that is such a funny story love it, poor French kids!
    Lori: you need to visit, I love home LOL
    Ruth: i know right!

  15. Cool facts! Omg, 9000 Indian restaurants??? Holy smokes! That's a lot of sweets and snacks too.

  16. Fun Facts!! I love stuff like this :D

  17. I am with girlichef I love facts like this, and since I just spent a whole day with a brit two weeks ago i learned a lot about stuff there I have been wanting to ask, like who works in Indian restaurants, but its the same here, except she said no women, and here women and men have the same equality in employment...in Asian restaurants that is...

  18. girlichef: me too, will keep my eyes peeled for more lol
    Chef E; thats interesting



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