Green Beans with a Kick!


  • 1/2 red onion
  • 2 green or red chili's
  • salt
  • masala powder
  • mustard seeds
  • ginger and garlic paste
  • green beans, lightly steamed
  1. steam green beans and finely chop as this makes the process quicker he he
  2. heat canola oil and pop mustard seeds, add curry leaves, this is optional and chili's saute for 4 min
  3. then add masala powder and salt and ginger/garlic paste to the onions, adding green beans
  4. saute for a further 5 minutes and its done.
It is also great with coconut in it. Green beans are in season now and I got some lovely fresh ones in my farm box yesterday interesting they are taken off the plant while the beans are still immature and are one of the few beans eaten fresh. They are packed with nutrients especially vitamin K, vitamin C, vitamin A and fiber.

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  1. Love the added kick. I love to eat green beans. Looks really good. I've got to try the coconut milk trick.

  2. Very nice!!
    Gosh Reb-how do you find the time to do SO many posts in a day. I keep missing out and have to search the entire blog for the one's I've missed!!
    You know you can also save some of the posts as drafts,and post them on days you are busy.

  3. Sophie: thanks lol
    Jenn: i think you will like them
    Sophie: he he alot of cut and pasting fro cool stuff I find doesn't take too long lol

  4. You list curry leaves in the recipe but not in the many and how do you buy these? I have never seen them!

  5. Hi Linda you can buy curry leaves in Indian stores add about 4, there's a pic on a post called Indian Glossary

    Thanks for asking

    Have a great weekend

  6. Thanks for the info on the curry leaves! Good weekend!!

  7. would never thought about green beans THIS way! thanks!

  8. Your beans look delicious--love the added kick. Adding the coconut milk sounds good too.

  9. Hi, Rebecca,
    This is one of my favorite way to eat green beans. Thanks for sharing. Tien

  10. heidi: no problem
    Deb: nice to spice things up a wee bit!
    Tien: no probs

  11. Great flavors in those beans!!!

  12. Great flavors in those beans!!!

  13. These look so yummy!! Fresh green beans are the best!

  14. Erica: thanks
    Reeni: thanks and I agree


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