Glossary of Indian Ingredients

On the comments Jennifer had a good idea of a glossary for the ingredients as she had to look them up so here goes, any time you see ingredients in the recipes and your not sure what it is leave a message I would love to help. Before I meet my hubby I would have been clueless!
  • mustard seeds- little black seeds very common in South Indian cooking, can get in Indian store 
  • urad dal, also used to make dosa/idly
  • curry leaves can be found in Indian stores and grown in Florida they give a lovely flavor and aroma to cooking.
  • aestofida or hing comes from a gum of a tree and is used as a digestive aid, my Mum in Law adds to almost everything to prevent gas!
  • turmeric


  1. I LOVE YOUR BLOG! Lots of good stuff!
    The company I work for has employed a vendor that does Business Analyst and Quality Control testing of out IT systems. Three of them work in my department and they took us to the South Indian restaurant in our city. What a joy to learn from the experts! The food was superb!

  2. Great idea, I'm so glad you posted pics along with the items! Sometimes it's not always easy to tell what you're purchasing. Thanks!

  3. Linda: thanks so much and stopping by oh and its good to have a nice restaurant nr by, maybe you can try cooking it also lol
    Tastyeatsat home: oh wish i had thought of it earlier

  4. Very cool. I don't think I've seen fresh curry leaves before, or fresh tumeric. Interesting stuff.

  5. Lori: thanks I should do this more often its cool, I didn;t know what hing was before this just used it he he h


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