9% of Kids have Low Levels of Vitamin D

In two recent studies in children aged 1-21 years, 9% of them or 7.6 million were found to have low levels of vitamin, D, linked to a higher risk of bone problems, heart disease and diabetes in future. It was particulary common in girls with darker skin. 

Risk factors include:
  • playing outside less, as more and more kids are watching TV or playing computer games
  • drinking more soda and less vitamin D enriched milk.
While more studies are needed, it will make us stand up and play attention.

 Encourage more outside play, and glasses of milk with meals, oily fish, eggs and cheese, also fortified breakfast cereals. To stop more kids being in this number 



  1. Scarey! But good to know...thanks again for all of the great tips and reminders you give us :D

  2. Totally agrees with u..thnanx for the great info..

  3. Girlichef and Vrinda: my pleasure to share any good health info I come across

  4. This is a growing problem here in Australia too, and we have more than enough sunshine to share around. I wonder if it might also have something to do with a growing phobia of the sun?

  5. between lack of exercise and poor eating habits (high sugars, preservatives, etc.) our kids face an uphill battle. It's why I love Wildtree -- and I'm glad my kids do too. Just out of curiosity, have you ever checked it out?

    hope you're well.

  6. no never heard of it will google it lOL

  7. It's just so hard for me to believe that kids don't go outside much these days. When my hubby and I were young, we were never inside. Our boys, too, spent most of their days outside. Computers, TV and the internet have changed our lives forever.

  8. Judy: I was always out playing in trees etc so much more fun LOL


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