Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Get your Zzz's to Prevent Diabetes

A study that restricted sleep to 5.5 hours per night for 2 weeks increased insulin resistance and impaired glucose tolerance when their bedtime was increased to 8.5 hours per night. The Researchers state that paired with the negative aspects of a Western lifestyle lack of sleep may increase the risk of developing diabetes later in life.

So make the time to get some good quality shuteye, it also helps in controlling a healthy weight.



  1. That's great info but sometimes it's just not possible to get a good night's sleep. I am the world's most fragile sleeper. This morning I awoke at 5AM and was bothered by eczema on both arms that wouldn't let me go back to sleep. And, yes, I have insulin resistance, probably from years of poor sleeping.

  2. Judy: oh I know so sorry for you, my mum is the same way with sleep, hope it gets better

  3. It makes sense. We need our sleep - I always try and get at least eight hours, not always possible, but makes me feel so much better and more productive the hours I am awake.

  4. It's a good thing I love my "zzzz" I try to get a least 6-7 hours My body just automatically wakes me after that point. Sometimes I'd be lucky to get 8.

  5. Great news for me, coz I sleep a lot, haha

  6. Gastroanthropologist: thats good you do that lol
    Jenn: thats cool
    Kenny: you are a comedian love ya!

  7. Great tip! I have personal experience with this - used to only get a couple hours of sleep every night and the lack of sleep coupled with stress from work made me gain tons of weight! I still struggle with sleep due to insomnia, but I get a lot more than I used to and the weight came off :)

  8. I know that bad sleeping affects everything but sometimes is difficult to do it correctly...slow down in frenetic a good measure :)



  9. physlis: oh you poor thing sleep well tonight lol
    Gera: true,

  10. I go to bed before 11pm, and usually fall into the sleep in 5 minutes, and wake up at 5-6am...well, cats don't allow me to sleep longer, this morning coco started scratching the door at 4am..I had to get up or my husband couldn't sleep or my neighbours might come to knock my door...

    Angie's Recipes

  11. oh dear... gotta be more disciplined in my sleeping habit then. woud it be ok if like I sleep at 5AM and wake up at 12 noon? my clock is messed up!

  12. Angie; oh my dog used to but he's lazy its my baby who wakes me but thats ok lol
    Mayra wow what time zone are you on h eh

  13. hmm..sleep is so essential.
    have been struggling to get my quota of sleep for years now.........have to take care of an ailing daughter n sometimes she is in trouble whole night...a warm mug of milk mixed with poppy paste n some sugar works well if you find difficulty in getting sleep after going to bed.



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