Monday, August 3, 2009

iMDAdvisor has a new and improved site

One of the sites I blog for has just relaunched its site, its lovely I am happy as I can now add pictures and my bio is there, check it out. The site has great health care articles and tips and another blog by Dr. Huang his blog

My Blog:

its pretty similar to what I post on here LOL,

The site has a range of helpful articles on a host of medical conditions and tips on the importance of keeping track of your medical records and being aware of health care costs.

The Motto is YOUR FAMILY, YOIR HEALTH, YOUR CONTROL this is so paramount that we take ownership of our health, feel free to check out the site and have a look around. The Owner is great and really seems to care about putting quality and helpful articles on his site.

Hope your all having a good monday so far...


  1. Congratulations. Thats a lot of fun!

  2. I had been worried with all the rain, cloudy days, and me working inside lots that was not getting enough sun, but I made sure my kids definitely played outdoors as much as possible, it is important!


  3. Lori: thanks
    Chef E: your were a good mummy my parents forced us for or own good he he Rebecca



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