Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Banana's and Custard

So when in the Indian store the other day I saw Birds Custard Powder a British Tradition, my Dad makes the best custard in fact this is always his job for desserts, he takes it very seriously, so this is for you Dad.
You simply make a paste with the powder and sugar (see below) then add to warm milk in a pan and stir continuously. I wanted little Jasmine to try but she fell asleep early so its in the fridge its also great cold.

stir!, to prevent lumps

Make a paste with 2 spoon of sugar and 2 spoon of custard powder then add to milk and stir really well

If you see this get some its yummy, enjoy 

Oh and girlichefs post rocks check out all the awesome fruits



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  2. I guess the custard mix is like instant pudding mix, which is yummy.

    Rebecca, here's the link for my fave pumpkin crab soup, which I rated 10 out of 10: I also have a very good recipe for crabs and spaghetti, crab pasta salad, crab cakes and some good fish recipes (salmon and trout). If you want the links on the others let me know. I could eat the pumpkin crab soup all day long -- two great flavors, butternut squash and crab, yummo.

  3. Custard is my secret lover, hehe

  4. I seriously thought you wouldn't think of buying those...because they are not the real custard.
    The problem is THEY TASTE GOOD!

  5. Looks interesting. I take it it's like a pudding of some kind. If it is, I guess I'll like it.

  6. My Purple would love this. She loves bananas and anything with custard.

  7. Yum, this reminds me of my mom's banana cream pie that she made with vanilla pudding and sliced bananas. I've actually been thinking a lot about it lately, so this post and your pudding is kind of eery and maybe a sign that I should have a bowl of this?

  8. Oh this is absolutely delicious! I could eat abowl of this in one sitting! LOVE it!

  9. I've never tried custard, but I had mouth water when I saw those pics! Looks yummy!

  10. Although I don't eat often custard but I would love to try this one :)

  11. this is my fav custard with my fav fruit..looks delicious..

  12. oooh! I love banana pudding! I've made it from scratch but i've never seen custard powder except the little jell-o packs. mmmm . . . have you tried nilla wafers with it? Little Jasmine is going to be a happy camper when she gets some!

  13. What a simple dessert but I know this is oh-so yummy!

  14. What a yummy treat! And kind of healthy from the bananas!

  15. OMG, I think this is definitely insulin worthy!

  16. Jamie is right, this reminds me also of my mom's banana puddin! I also have seriously considered making something, but I have been on such a dessert kick already...oh the pounds I have to consider...but yummy still!

  17. My god, am I ever hungry. So behind on your recipes but I am determined to do some serious catching up as that korma looks to die for!

  18. yum, that looks great! i haven't had custard in forever!!

  19. yummmmm...i love bananas.

  20. Judy: thanks so much sounds great is it your blog?
    kenny: he he
    Angie: in the UK its real custard lol
    Jenn: like a pudding but custard give it a shot lol
    peachkins: you Jasmine wasn't so sure, maybe next time lol
    Jamie: yep take it as a sign lol
    Donna: I did he he
    talita oh it was goood
    selba: you will have to try it
    Kristin: oh thats a great idea nilla wafers
    Vrinda; mine also
    Claire: yummy
    Reeni: yep good balance lol
    biz 219: oh yeah !
    chef E: everything in moderation
    Lisa: hope your hubby is ok, love ya
    Sunny:maybe time for some
    Rebecca: have some lol

  21. this is my daughter's favorite....even now she can have this..when all her fave things have become impossibl;e for her.
    in India too this custard is very very popular...but this one is actually made with corn starch...isn't it??

  22. I have not made custard in a long time. Ill have to give this a try!!Figtreeapps

  23. sangeeta: yep with cornstarch your daughter has food taste
    fig tree: now is the time to have it again

  24. Lucky you, Rebecca! It's a yummy treat.



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