Saturday, August 15, 2009

Goodies from India

So this is so cool to share pictures of the goodies from India, we are so blessed to have had my Mum and Dad in June from Scotland with British goodies now My hubby's parents are here from India.
Jasmine was sick last night first time we had never seen her vomit a lot scary, but she's a lot better today, had a little to eat here and there poor thing.

Jasmines plates and cups with her name engraved

Bangles for me and Jasmine and teddy bear

Indian sweets not sure the name but my Indian friends will fill us in below.. hint very good, i have eaten too many with cups of tea and not too sweet
Suitcases full of tea, pots and pans, spices and snacks yummy, hope they have enough clothes to wear!

Jasmine got a gorgeous silk dress in purple as they know its my favorite colour for her birthday and jewelry will treat you to a picture next week LOL

Have a great rest of the weekend 

oh and I just saw this post by the Ungourmet its awesome, I am giving it girlichefs tasty award



  1. Awesome stuff-lucky you!! Think of poor ME when you're devouring all the goodies ;-)

  2. Oh I love it all....what great In-Laws. My In-laws used to send such wonderful sweets to me too years ago when they still lived in Africa. Now, fortunately, I live in a very multi-cultural city so all these things are very available....but nothing says it like the REAL thing! What great fun...a birthday for your little post some pics!

  3. What wonderful gifts!Sorry to hear you daughter is sick! It can be a bit scary when they are small. Hope she is feeling better very soon!

    Thank you so much for the Tasty Award! :0)

  4. haha...I too hope that they brought enough clothes...
    I like tea, actually drink daily, without sugar and milk...just tea.

    Angie's Recipes

  5. That's quite some treasure trove you've got there. Enjoy it.
    Those sweets in the picture are called "ghugra(s)" and also come in savoury versions.

    Hope your daughter is better now, and will enjoy her purple silk dress.

  6. Hope Jasmine will be all well soon.

    Lots of goodies, love those Indian silver utensils.

  7. Yes, where are the clothes? Hope your daughter feels better.

  8. A suitcase of goodies well done they look great and some nice silverware too, thanks for sharing kisses xxx

  9. Fun! How awesome to have all those fun goodies. I hope sweet Jasmine is feeling better soon...always scarey when your baby is sick :( And I did see that was Tasty! :D

  10. Love it! The in-laws want to make sure you have all the necessities! Pack their suitcases full!!!

  11. Sweta: sure will think of you shame you live far away you could come and get some
    Trush: will post pics lol, oh Africa sound neat
    The ungourmet: shes must better thanks
    Angie: oh I love tea milk for me, put the kettle on!
    John: thanks, oh i think saris flatten pretty well and don't take too much space!
    Kenny: thanks
    Aparna: thanks for the name lol
    Ricardo: my pleasure
    girlichef: thanks oh your award rocks, will use it often !
    Velva: so true


  12. i love Indian things! Timely that my friend from India will celebrate her birthday this week and she will cook some Indian curry for us! I hope Jasmine is better now!

  13. marya thanks shes much better now have fun with your friends

  14. I hope Jasmine is feeling better!! And have fun with your in-laws and all those goodies they brought you!!

  15. A little scary when kids getting sick especially now there's H1N1 going on! OMG, your in-law brought along gifts! Yeah, I also wonder if they have enough clothings. Oh dear!!!

  16. so sweet......enjoy all the goodies dear.....the sweets are called gujhia and i have the recipe on my blog...
    check out..

  17. Reeni: thanks so much
    My Little space: I know he he
    Sangeeta cool will check it out I love it LOL

  18. Great gifts Rebecca!!!! I hope Jasmine is feeling better.

  19. Great goodies--how fun! I hope Jasmine is much better.



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