Sunday, December 6, 2009

Savor the Little Things!

It was wet and cold yesterday in NYC so after lunch I stayed in the apartment with Jasmine she took a much needed nap, I saw our boots together and couldn't resist taking a snap. I was thinking how life changes with kids, not much time to shop on 5th avenue decided to wait in line to get into F.A.O Schwartz instead, no late night drinks. But on the other hand moments like these where you just stop and give thanks for the gift of taking care of such an amazing little person are priceless!

Take time to be thankful for the little things, the following clip reminds us of what an amazing planet we live on, beauty is all around us, if we just open our eyes!

Love and Hugs


  1. I am really sorry I missed meeting you, but I am coming down next year to your part of the world! I am glad you got to see flurries in NYC, and hope you have had a wonderful time!

    We went to our first Holiday party today, was so fun...Now I am in the mood to celebrate!

  2. I love that documentary although I haven't seen the full DVD yet. The little things are taken for granted nowadays. This video is a great reminder.

  3. i also have moments like that when I'm thinkin' how our lives take a different turn when we have kids..

  4. That picture is so sweet, only a mom can understand how meaningful it is.
    So precious

  5. Lovely video!
    I agree-children bring an enormous change to our lives. A good change. You see things differently and it's amazing the love that pours out for our little ones.

    My daughter, who lives in NYC, called yesterday while Christmas shopping and said the weather was too miserable to go uptown. She was going home- just like you!

  6. Chef E: hope to see you in NC next year then love ya Rebecca
    Divina Pe: I agree feel free to remind me anything as well ;p;
    Peachkins: it changes but we wouldn't want it any other way lol
    Dajana: smiles being a mum is awesome isn't it
    Barbara: oh your right the love is amazing, cool you have a place to stay in NY lol

  7. Very poignant words. In many ways, the little things are more important than the big things.

  8. Thanks for sharing the photo. Your daughter's shoes look so cute next to yours.

  9. Hi, Hope you have a good week :) You are very right about being thankful about little things we have and appreciate what we have..

  10. Rebecca, you could not express it any better. Life is to be lived each and every moment; for we all grow-up faster then we want. Looks like your daughter has a great teacher, mentor, Mom & friend!

    Blessings to all...

  11. I agree to savor the little moments. I try to stop at least once a day and enjoy the moment.

    Hope you had fun in NYC!

  12. What a sweet post! I'm really interested in that documentary.

  13. Hi, Rebbeca,
    What a sweet picture. I love the boots. It's the unexpected moments of love from the little ones that makes you melt and fall into love with them again. I am in awe of my two little ones everyday. -Tien :)

  14. I really like the photo. When you think about photography, you do notice the little things. When you want to share, you notice the little things you'd normally just walk past. It's nice to be reminded to do just that. Thanks!

  15. Thanks..I needed inspiring.

  16. Palidor: oh that is so true
    hummingbird: my pleasure
    peannuts: thanks
    George: wow you are so kind I am smiling ear to ear
    Mom on the run it was great thanks for saying
    Diana: smiles
    Tien: oh i bet your an awesome Mom
    Lyndsey: no probs lol
    figtree: LOL

  17. awwwwwwwwww thats so sweet!!! jasmine is such a precious doll!



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