Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Black Eye Pea's and Happy Hogmanay!

photo: Edinburgh Tourist Board

In the South it is a tradition to eat Back Eyed Pea’s on New Years day, it is believed to bring prosperity. In Italy they eat 12 grapes at midnight to signify the 12 months of the year and in Japan the Soba noodle is eaten. In Scotland New Year is called Hogmanay and first footing is custom.

After midnight, the person to cross over the threshold of friends and neighbors houses gives gifts of salt, coal, shortbread and whiskey. That person is to bring luck for the rest of the year. Edinburgh is the best place in the world for me at new year, be it cold, the streets are closed of and you have live music in Princess Street gardens and fireworks on the stroke of midnight visible all over the beautiful city. If you get the chance GO!

Tasty Trix did a guest post with Ghanaian red red so when I found out about black eyed pea's being a Traditional Southern food, I knew this was the dish!

Ghanaian inspired dish based on Red Red.

  • 2 cups of pre soaked black eye pea’s
  • 1/2 onion
  • 2 tomatoes
  • 1/2 cup wild shrimp
  • chili pepper flakes
  • 2 cups of vegetable stock
  • red palm oil or vegetable oil
  • salt and pepper to taste
  1. heat oil and saute onion until translucent then add tomato and reduce down to a paste.
  2. add the vegetable stock, shrimp and black eye peas and simmer for 30 minutes.
Heres a wonderful article on New Year's Food History from Slash

Happy New Year may God richly bless you in 2010,

love and new years hugs!


  1. Love these photos!!! Looks like I better eat some black eyed peas!!

  2. Looks Delicious! I love the "spicy" twist on the Southern classic, nice work!
    Happy New Year Rebecca!

  3. I love all the cultural traditions for the New year. We had the Italian lentils - thought to bring prosperity as they look like coins. Lovely post!

  4. I like learning all of the cultural traditions for ring in the New Year. Photos are stunning.

  5. Love the photoes, good thing have got some black eyed peas in the cupboard ;)

  6. What a fun dish--love the spicy take on it. It looks delicious.

  7. I loved learning about these NYE traditions!
    Happy New Year to you, and great peas!

  8. Happy Hogomanay! May you have a wonderful 2010! Oh and that looks yummy!

  9. I hope you enjoyed the peas as well! I added a bit of kitchen king to mine yesterday, the left overs, for a spicy bite into the New Year!


    E & R

  10. We always eat black-eyed peas on New Years as a southern custom. I love shrimp and will definitely have to give this a try.

    I hope you and your family have a happy and healthy new year.

  11. ooh I never knew about the black eyed peas. We tend to stuff ourselves all over again! I wont be doing any first footing as we still have an inch of ice in our yard! I'll be staying in by the fire and raising a glass of the finest malt whisky 'Slainte' Happy New Year.

  12. figtree: yep he he
    Doc: thanks Doc Happy New Year
    Claudia: oh I will make Italian lentils next year with your recipe LOL
    Fresh local and best: oh love traditions as well lol
    peanutts thats cool
    Deb; thanks happy new year
    peachkins; thanks so much
    Natashya thanks so much
    Ruth: love ya
    Chef E: oh whats that will google it happy new year
    Sam; see i am fitting in with the locals smiles

  13. Janice sounds like a great plan! love Rebecca

  14. I love all of these New Year's foodie traditions. I am off to buy some grapes!

    Have a Happy New Year!

  15. My Grandmother used to make Black eyed peas and Collard greens every year on the first. The greens are for money and the peas for prosperity and good fortune.

    I bought some black eyed peas yesterday, in her memory. Can't wait to eat them tomorrow!

    Happy New Year Reb! Love you.

  16. One dish that must be present on New Year's Eve in Italy are lentils.
    Edingbourough must be a delightful place to visit, really hope to see it one day.

  17. I love black eyed peas. I've just eaten at a friend's place a few days ago. She used it to make a dessert....very delicious! Happy New Year, Rebecca!

  18. That last photograph is beautiful! Wow. Black eyed peas are a tradition for us and always have been. Happy New Year to you! Great post.

  19. Melinda: thanks a sight to see one day with your own eyes lol
    Joanne: oh me too good idea lol
    Meet Virginia oh what a lovely thing to do, have a wonderful new year my dear friend love Rebecca
    Dajana: the same to you love ya I am doing lentils next year for sure teach me!
    Mary: oh that sounds cool happy new yr
    Lea Ann: thanks so so much

  20. Hello Rebecca,
    Happy New year and wishing you & your family all the best for the coming year.

  21. I didn't know that about the 12 grapes in Italy! We may have to do that! I plan to make black eyed peas tomorrow : ) Great post, Rebecca!

  22. Wow this is so simple and sounds yummy. Happy to have found your blog!

  23. Fantastic photos Rebecca....lovely.You should submit this to food52.....this week, till the 2nd of Jan, they're having a contest where you have to submit your favourite bean recipe!!!!

    Have a blessed 2010. Thanks for letting me write my first ever guest post....with lots of love and hugs. God bless

  24. Anncoo: thanks so so much
    Nicole thats cool will look forward to seeing how you made yours
    Nithya: thanks love yours as well
    Ozoz: love ya submitted thanks for letting me know about that, your a star and your post was great

  25. Very interesting info.....Happy 2010!!

  26. Happy and Sweet New Year 2010 for you!!

    All the best Rebecca and keep up with these great pics :)


  27. Happy New Year to u! And now let me go back to your pic of the black eyed peas and drool over it :)

  28. Looks delicious..In our place in India the new year starts only in September..(We follow a different calendar!!)Happy New year Rebecca !!!!

  29. Happy New Year! I'm honored that I inspired your good luck dish! I think I may have to make some red-red tomorrow!

  30. your pictures are gorgeous! happy new year!

  31. Happy New Year!! Here's to good 2010 for you and your family!!!

  32. s; thanks so much happy new year
    Gera: not mine I am afraid! but happy new year love ya
    Muneeba: smiles have a great evening
    Naomi: thanks
    Gulmohar: oh like the Tamil calender, but you can celebrate both
    tasty trix: love your blog you inspire fellow foodie and writer
    simply life: thanks
    Jenn: thanks so much
    Reeni: thanks so much

  33. Love the photos and your twist on BEP!

  34. Edinburgh is a beautiful city. Esp at night. LOVe it absolutely. I love ur post...what interesting information you have given here n the fotos are so pretty. Thanks and happy new year! :))

    Black eyed pea is a lovely always makes me think of a band (music);)

  35. CG thanks so much
    Zurin: thanks for stopping by happy new year
    Kenny: love ya

  36. Such awesome photos!Thanks for sharing both photos & recipe. Have a great year!



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