Friday, December 11, 2009

Guest Post: Chic Eats From Hong Kong

It is with great pleasure to have Kenny from Chic Eats give us a guest post, you may have seen this soup on his blog, but I couldn't resist asking him to post it here as well for fun. I love Kenny's blog, and his zest for eating good food and sharing his tales of all of Hong Kong's great restaurants with his friends and family.

Wow, I got Rebecca's invitation to write her a guest post! I'm honoured! Rebecca of Chow and Chatter has always been one of my favourite blogs. As you all readers know, Rebecca is a charming mother as well as a professional RD, her blog is always informative, fun and yummy and it's become of of my daily reads.

So hi everybody, this is Kenny of Chic Eats from Hong Kong, and I'm guest posting something to freak you guys out, watch out!

Got the balls to try this wacky soup?

Snake soup, anyone?

Snake soup is regarded as a delicacy in Cantonese Cuisine
it's believed that snake soup helps keep you away from any diseases that come from exposure to cold winds, and it keeps you warm in the chilly weather! So in winter, you'll see many of us Hong Kong people eating snake soup!!

Dare to try?

To eat snake soup properly, sprinkle with some white chrysanthemum petals and crackers first! We believe that chrysanthemum petals aid the vision and are good for the eyes, and what's more they add sweetness to the soup.

Apart from sliced snake meat, ingredients such as black fungus (or wood ear for some people), sliced pork, bamboo shoots, Chinese ham, tangerine peels, etc. are added in the soup. It tastes very much like a hearty chicken soup, but with a teeny weeny bit of fish/seafood after-taste.
It actually looks pretty good to me, anyone game to try it! what's the strangest food you have eaten?
Have a great weekend


  1. Why not? I tried this Snake Soup when I was very young. My parents brought the whole family to a specialty restaurant to have a feast of snake. Not only did we try snake soup as well as other dishes cooked with snake, like stir-fry with snake meat.

    At first, I was a bit freaked out. But my parents kept telling me that it's not often we could have this kind of opportunity. They explained to me that the snake meat tasted just like chicken meat and it's very good to our health. So I gathered all my guts to have a bowl of snake soup.

    How did it taste like? Like yummy chicken soup.

  2. I had them while I still worked in the restaurants...but now I don't think I have guts to have them again.

  3. The strangest thing I have ever eaten was tripe, not good at all! Also turtle, and alligator oh and conch. ( Which was really good!) I have no desire to try snake soup as I am terrified of them! I had to leave the room when they were making snake appetizers in school!

  4. Why not, indeed! I think tripe may be the strangest thing I've ever eaten.

  5. I have eaten a variety of things people consider strange--including snake soup in Hong Kong a few years ago. It actually was pretty good. ;-) Fun post!

  6. My GOODNESS! Growing up as a Cantonese, I still don't have the guts to go that far trying out all the 野味 ... I've not even had 田雞 (frog-like creature, forgotten what it's called) in my whole life!

  7. I'll give that snake soup a try.who knows? I might like it..

  8. Snakes? I am terrified of snakes

  9. Snake soup? Why not I say. Your broth looks so rich and inviting. When we were in Provence, a French friend invited us to a restaurant for dejeuner (lunch). Bull was on the menu. He recommended it for my husband and said to me, "You might want to get the fish my wife is having." Not me....I had to try the bull. You only live once. It was good, a bit tough, but I would not have missed trying it for the world. I enjoyed your post and welcome to Chow & Chatter.

  10. Snake Soup? No, thanks! Great to see Kenny here :)

  11. I would try it! Could you imagine how hungry the person was that first ate an oyster? Your broth does look incredible!

  12. Love the banner....and as long as you promse to bring cute Jasmine with you to the Netherlands, you're more than welcome. And i'm serious. Love broths....

  13. What the heck, I would give it a try. I've discovered that I like many things that I never thought I would. That's the fun of cooking.

  14. Christine: great story family and food love it
    Angie: oh thats why you cook so well lol
    Sarah: he he oh your are adventurous though
    fresh local and best: snails is mine lol
    Deb: will tell Kenny!
    dodal and amp: mochi: smiles
    peachkins: smiles
    peannuts: i know freaky things
    Sam: I need a post from you sometime !
    Erica: I know I love Kenny
    Lyndsey: he he
    kitchen butterfly: sure thing lol
    Cathy: oh so true

    Will tell Kenny about the comments

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  16. I tried this in Hong Kong during winter time. Not bad at all.

  17. I would try it so long as it wasn't my snake in there...we're rather fond of our Pinky!

  18. Anncoo: oh thats cool
    Nicole you will have to put a picture on your blog!

  19. Great guest post. I love the name of this soup. I think the strangest thing that I have ever eaten is chicken feet. And pig intestine. The chicken feet I would be okay with never eating again. The intestine was actually really delicious. Very bacony.

  20. You know - I'd give it a whirl - it does look tasty. Not that snake meat hangs out at any of our grocers...

  21. Why not? It looks fantastic! I would try it! Talk with you soon on HHM Rebecca!

  22. Snake soup? I don't know if I will dare to try it...

  23. I've had fried rattle snake, so why not snake soup.

  24. I don't know if I could eat something exotic like this! I'm afraid of snakes!

  25. Claudia he he
    Joanna: oh your brave
    Catherine: sure thing
    red cafe thanks for visiting
    Reeni: go on it wont bite!
    mimi: wow fried rattle snake

  26. Hi Rebecca, thanks a lot for letting me submit a guest post to Chow and Chatter, it's my honour!

  27. Oh wow, snake! I always wondered what it'd be like to eat snake. I'd be willing to try it. And if it does really protect against getting sick, I need it now! It's rainy and cold now and I've got the cold.

  28. Kenny anytime, your great
    Pauline get well soon lol

  29. Even if H-Mart has snake, I don't think I'd try this recipe! Just a little outside my comfort zone. :-) Loved reading the post and comments.



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