Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Fun Christmas Facts

  • Christmas means Christ Mass and is about celebrating the birth of Jesus
  • Christmas stockings were first used in 1870
  • An old wives tale says that bread baked on Christmas eve doesn't get moldy!
  • At midnight it is said that a special rose opens and closes its petals to salut Jesus' Birth
  • All the sheep in the fields face East at midnight, well maybe!
  • In the UK certain towns have Christmas day swims in ice cold water in costumes!
  • The First Christmas stamp was issued in Austria in 1937
  • The first Christmas tree dates back to 1510 in Latvia
  • The first candy cane was given in Cologne in 1670 when the Choir master of the Cathedral bent the candy to look like a shepherds staff!
  • The first recording of Christmas being celebrated on Dec 25th was in Rome in 336AD although we don't really know the exact day Jesus was born.
  • The turkey was introduced to the UK by William Strickland in Bristol in 1526 when he imported 6 birds from America, the Indians were particularly fond of this bird. King Henry XIII was the first king to have it at christmas. After the meal a long y shaped bone of the turkey will be pulled apart and the person who gets the biggest part can make a wish!

Whatever you are eating or doing this Christmas, make it a tradition of good food, family time and laughter, a time to be thankful and to remember Christs birth and love for us.




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