Sunday, December 6, 2009

NYC is Foodie Heaven!

We just returned from a fun weekend in NYC to celebrate my 30th birthday with my brother from London and dear friends. On friday we had the Pleasure of meeting Cindy from Chubby Chinese Girl and Christine from Fresh Local and best at Gyu- Kaku a wonderful Japanese Restaurant. For a more detailed write up see Christine's post, I was too busy feeding little Jasmine and talking to get many food snaps!
The food was great and the atmosphere fun, also kid friendly, yummy, grilled meats and fish, noodles and scrumptious desserts.
Cindy was a delight and so was Christine what a treat to meet such wonderful and talented ladies.

Jasmine, Me and Christine
Japanese style crepes with green tea

Garlic noodles and beef

The experts, aka Cindy and Christine cooking their own meats

Then on saturday I meet Christo aka Doggly Bloggy from Chez What, he has a wonderful food blog as well and is a personal chef. We were going to meet him and Chef E also a personal chef, and Joanne from Eats well with others on Friday, but Chef E and Joanne were busy. Also there were two Gyu Kaku in Manhattan and Chef E was going to go to the other one by mistake! so poor Christo sat there and waited and we were at the other one!, Luckily we managed to catch up with him and his beautiful wife at Harmony Palace In China Town for Dim Sum. The funny thing was we ate at the same restaurant last time we were in NYC and sat at the same table!

Jasmine, me, Christo (DoggyBloggy) and Mona
The happy campers

We had so much fun this weekend, and meeting fellow food bloggers was the icing on the cake. NYC is foodie heaven I will so miss the food, but its great to be home and in my kitchen again in the peace and quiet of beautiful North Carolina. Also I can sleep soundly tonight without the sound of the night club below!

NC food bloggers let me know if you want to meet or if you are ever near by give me a buzz!


Also head on over to Deb's blog Kahakai Kitchen for Souper sunday where my potato and leek soup is on the amazing list!


  1. Oh wow...I don't know what to say Rebecca ( as I am jealous i missed out) ...but I am so glad you guys had an amazing time... and all the food looks just incredible...! Thanks so much for i'm going to check out the potato soup.

    ...Hope you're enjoying the tranqulity of being home !

  2. Aww it looks like you had so much fun... and lil Jasmine is just TOOOO cute! One day I'd love to go to NYC... sounds better than Nottingham :( Lol... someday (fingers crossed!)

  3. Looks like you had a good time!!!!Thank you for sharing those beautiful pictures of you and Jasmine.

  4. So fun!! I'm so met (and were supposed to meet) some of my favorite peeps!! Sounds like you had an awesome time :) Let me know if you ever come to Indiana (it could happen, right!?)!

  5. oh, i'm so had a blogger meet up!

  6. How fun!

    Happy belated b-day, or early b-day? NYC is so great. I've only been there once, but I was there long enough to learn that I want to go back!

  7. Aww I didn't know it was your big 3-0!!! happy birthday!!! loved meeting you and everyone else.... Jasmine is such a cutie pie!!!! =)

  8. It was nice to meet you and your husband and your charming daughter - and it is incredibly funny that we sat at the same table -

  9. Glad to hear that your 30th was a huge hit in New York. What a wonderful city to celebrate in. Nice of you to put faces to some of my favorite foodies, too. Many thanks for taking us along through your photographs.

  10. Natalie: so sad we missed you as well Nat, will have to get our little ones together sometime
    Sanjana: I am sure you will we have friends in Nottingham you so need to do a post on the UK's oldest inn !
    Erica: my pleasure
    Girlichef: yep you never know lol
    peachkins: you will have to arrange one in your town!
    Gina: thanks so much yep sounds like a trip to NYC is on the cards for ya
    and this blog: oh it was lovely of you to take time out of your day for us lol
    Jessica: it was so good,
    George: oh my pleasure, I am blessed to have meet them, maybe we can do a Carolina meet up!

  11. It's always fun to meet fellow bloggers. Looks like you ate very well too! Thanks for the Souper Sunday shout out! ;-)

  12. What a fun time!! I want to go back to NY!!

  13. Happy Birthday, Rebecca. Thanks for sharing those beautiful pictures and I think you had a great time with all the talented bloggers.

  14. Deb: my pleasure
    Jenn: oh you must shame you didn't join us for lunch!
    Anncoo: my pleasure

  15. Omigod, you've met all my favourite foodie bloggers!!

  16. Great to meet other food bloggers. I'm glad you had fun.

  17. It was GREAT to meet you Rebecca, I only wished we had more time to spend with you guys!

  18. Excellent post a lovely read, gratz on your time in NY and the green tea pie yum!!! you have a lovely family thanks for sharing...I do want to visit NY too one day. cheers xxx

  19. NYC is foodie heaven for sure. I enjoyed seeing everyone's pictures and reading Christine's post while you were gone. Nice to asssociate a face with Doggybloggy too.

  20. Kenny: wish you had been there with us as well sob sob
    Divina: thanks
    Fresh Local and Best feel free to come and stay at my place anytime!
    Ricardo: thanks so much hope you get to visit as well
    Sam: I know right lol

  21. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Looks like a great way to celebrate and meat other bloggers over a great meal!

  22. Rebecca, this is great! So fun to meet fellow food bloggers and what a group! I love those girls!!

  23. Ye Old Salutation Inn? I went there about two years ago with the Nottingham Ghost Walk people during out Freshers Week. It was awesome! Sadly I wasn't blogging at the time and it never occured to me to take pictures :( I think it's time to give it a visit again. There's a proper cave underneath it too! Really spooky!

  24. Looks like you had a lot of fun.

  25. Simply life; thanks so much was lovely
    Diana: oh me too wish you were there
    Sanjana: theres still time you can go back!!!
    Janice: was lovely thanks

  26. That's so neat Rebecca! You are meeting bloggers all over the place! It looks like such fun!



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