Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Don't Overly Restrict Sweets to Lose Weight


Eat like a Sparrow!

A study done in rats has shown that when they were given sweetened chow then put on a restricted diet when it was reintroduced they ate more. It sounds obvious but so many folks go on a very restrictive diet to lose weight and crave their favorite foods even more, its also very tough to stick to.

In the UK we say A little of what you fancy does you good, that's the key, have your favorite foods in small amounts no foods should be forbidden.

Eat like a sparrow a nibble here and there!

Restricting sugar could cause overeating: Study


  1. I Totally agree with that. It has worked for me when loosing the baby weight... I just eat my lunch and dinner on a small desert plate/ tea saucer...that way i have good portion control : )

  2. sounds good to me! I could eat small bites all day! :)

  3. I tweeted about this one earlier. I think it's good for people to read, as there are so many people that restrict certain foods, and it ultimately ends up hurting them!

  4. I like this advice and it makes good sense too. Thanks Rebecca.

  5. I need to channel sparrow. Especially after looking at all the pictures on these fantastic food blogs.

  6. Natalie: oh thats a great idea great job
    The Ungourmet: me too lol
    Simply life: smiles
    Gina: yep
    Sam: thanks
    unplanned cooking: oh i hear you lol

  7. I couldnt agree with you more. I would back that study up 100 percent. Have you ever read, I Can Make You THin? He raises some very interesting dialogue regarding this and other issues.

    I love this line, "A little of what you fancy does you good".

  8. It is always good to read something like things :)

  9. Lori: I know always say that to folks, but sure if they get the Britishness !
    Reeni: thanks
    3 hungry tummies so feed the hungry tummies what they want in small amounts lol

  10. This makes total sense. That's why I always try to keep some muffins in my freezer -- a nice little sweet with some afternoon tea.

  11. Hadn't seen that study, thanks for pointing it out. I love the saying you all have. That is great!

  12. I agree with this Rebecca! Thanks for such great advice!

  13. Good to know, but I heard something to make me take these reports with a grain of salt. Sitting in on a research meeting, whose lab works with rats and cancer and other diseases, I listened to them discuss the metabolism and exercise of rats. Rats metabolize sugar differently than humans do, so their reactions to varying sugar diets would have to be normalized in some way to humans. We cannot just take the study on a rat and assume the same result occurs in humans.

    Either way, I do agree it's good to have little bits of sugar here and there. It's never good to restrict particular things. As my father's tai chi teacher does, I eat a bit of everything in moderation (kind of, sugar is still addicting!) and exercise/move a lot throughout the day.

  14. I never deprive myself, and I know my limits.

  15. Diana: thanks
    Pauline: oh of course I know rat studies are not directly related to humans, I have been a dietitian for over 9 years and have seen that this does also apply to humans lol
    Fresh local and best you summed it up girl!



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