Wednesday, October 7, 2009

YOLO- you only live once, Fort Lauderdale


So we ate in YOLO today a very hip and upscale place packed even on a wednesday night, seemed very much the place to be seen, with the valet parking, Rolls Royce, Masserati and on the way back we even saw a Bugatti Veyron a very expensive car in fact over one million dollars, it was out of this world and so cool to see in the flesh!

Me and Jasmine at Saffron and Shrimp Linguine very nice different to have saffron and capers in pasta and the boys had a fresh seafood salad, and mojitos !

Yolo- great ambience and cool little fire pits
the servers stamp the specials on a piece of paper and pass it to you!
Saffron and Shrimp Linguine

So its home tomorrow its been a lovely few days in Florida with good times, laughter and good food, pleased you could come along, I will leave you with a picture today...

Jasmine and me at the Miami Seaquarium, amazing sea lion, dolphin and killer whale show!, a must see if your in the area

Love and buckets of Florida sunshine


  1. This is a great photograph of you and your baby girl. Have fun!

  2. Aww...sweet photo of you and jaz.

  3. you both are such sweets, envy you on good food you had.

  4. What a nice post! Your daughter is such a sweetie!Figtreeapps

  5. Sounds like you had a fab time--and what a BEAUTIFUL little Jasmine!

  6. That!! Looks like a lovely time :D

  7. I'm putting YOLO on my to do list. What a fabulous people/car watching kind of place. Have a safe trip home.

  8. Wow what a place. What a great experience.

  9. I loved the cars, then the food, but that picture of you and Jasmine puts those to shame. So sweet!

  10. Skdd: thanks
    Jenn: thanks
    Dajana: thank you, and thanks for the great guest post
    figtree: thanks
    Michelloui thanks we adore her
    girlichef: i know love that car!
    Sam: you will love it
    Lori: thanks we have had so much fun
    Lisa: perfect combo food, family cars he he h

  11. What a cute picture!! So sweet!

  12. ok, next time, you're taking me with you! :) ~Mina

  13. Wow! Aren't you pretty! GReAT BLOG! Xoxox <3 Udo

  14. Mina: sure lol
    Udo Umami thanks and thanks for stopping by

  15. Oh wow, what a dream car and nice food LOL!



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