Monday, October 19, 2009

An Award and Passing it Along

The lovely Ozoz of The Kitchen Butterfly Just gave me this award I adore her blog, remember she did a fab guest post on cultural eating practices for us...., I want to extend the friendship
award to her, and pass this along to a few new and wonderful blogs I have started reading

  • Nat from what girls are made of, she has two little ones and has started baking and is great at it
  • Carrie from Cottage Cozy a very sweet family and heart warming blog
  • Trish from The Mad Chemist oh she is lovely and can really cook
  • Amanda from Amanda's cookin again a lovely person great cook and founder of the food bloggers listerv such a great group.
  • Mardi from EatLiveTravelWrite an awesome food and travel blog love it


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