Davids Cafe Miami

So yesterday we went to Davids cafe a local Cuban place it was great, I got the buffet to try a little of everything I think the lamb stew was my favorite, the baked fish and rice were Jasmines and hubby got Oicadillo con arroz y yuca (minced beef, yuca and rice) and his friend ropa vlejacon frijoles negros y arrozz (shredded beef, black beans and rice). The boys got mojitos and stated these were the best in Miami!

Cuban Coffee

We finished the meal of with a cuban coffee yum, I highly recommend this place.

Davids Cafe
1058 Collins Ave
Miami Beach, FL 33139-5012
(305) 534-8736


  1. What great looking food! I love lamb, so the lamb stew would be my favorite too.

  2. Sounds like you are having a great time!

  3. Lamb stew and mojitos sounds appealing...you've had wonderful moments there!



  4. I love all the exotic dishes you mentioned!

  5. So glad you're enjoying your trip! Lamb! Brits love lamb!

  6. Thanks for the tip on this fabulous sounding restaurant. We'll give it a try when we go down to the beach this winter.

  7. It looks similar to asian!! you are marvelous Rebecca...keeping us up with happenings!

  8. Looks good. Cuban food is pretty tasty!

  9. Hey, now you are in my neck of the woods. I was born in Miami and raised on Miami Beach. I love Cuban food and spent a lot of my growing up years enjoying traditional Cuban home cooking.
    You look like you are having a great time!
    If you get home and want a good mojito. My husband makes a traditional Cuban mojito. It's amazing. You can locate the recipe on my blog.

  10. palidor: oh good choice he he
    Mardi: yep oh and congrats on your nomination!, so excited for you
    Gera: i know right
    fresh local and best I bet you can find them in NYC lol
    Kenny: yep we do lol
    Sam: oh and found another one will add to blog soon
    Erica: oh and one of the waitresses was Columbian I wrote down your blog for her!
    Jhonny: so happy to share my love of food with fellow food lovers!
    Jenn:oh yeah loving the cuban food
    Velva: thats so cool will check it out

  11. It looks like you are having lots of wonderful food on your trip!

  12. Such delicious eats!! I'm glad your having fun!

  13. Deb thanks we had a lovely time and good food


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