Thursday, October 1, 2009

Introducing: Basil Magazine

On the theme of maintaining a healthy weight, I thought I would share a link I wrote for Basil Magazine, Rebecca of Playful Noshings is the health editor. This is a wonderful magazine, with great recipes, interviews with chefs and amazing culinary information. Fellow foodies you will love it.


  1. Thanks for sharing - will go to it now.

  2. Great! I am looking forward to reading are really getting out there! Congrats...

  3. Hi Rebecca, thank you for stopping by Green Desert! I am a Brit living in the States, and one interested in maybe making the transition from being a nurse to being a dietician so I will certainly be back.

  4. Claudia: no problem
    Angie: you will love the mag
    Melinda: no probs
    Erica: my pleasure
    Chef E: smiles trying to he he loving it
    Mo: welcome to chow and chatter, you are more than welcome to email me lol

  5. Very cool Rebecca! I've been learning alot about the quality of meats, (grain fed versus grass fed), milk (hormones and antibiotics), that these foods have to cancer. Including the way our diet has changed since 1950, margerine, corn and soy oils etc... Do you know anything about these kind of issues? Great work!!

  6. Diana: I am like you just what I have been reading in the news, its better to get organic i think lol

  7. Thanks Rebecca! I am gonna check it out.

  8. That's great Rebecca!! I'm going to go read it now.

  9. Velva: you will like it
    Reeni: thanks so much



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