Dewey's Bakery Cafe Winston Salem

So I checked out this new cafe in town today, it used to be an old starbucks, but Dewey's a famous Winston Salem bakery since 1930 specializing in Moravian sugar cake, Grandma and Grandpa's coffee cake and lovefeast buns took it over. It Opened a month ago, its a wonderful pairing with the fresh baked goodies and coffee and fitted perfectly into the old store.
In my opinion the difference between this and a local starbucks is the fresh cookies, cakes breads baked fresh daily in town. Its very hard to find fresh baked cakes these days and you can really taste the difference, they also supply to Brew Nerds coffee. Also you can buy the famous Moravian cookies online. They are special at this time of year and wow there have so many flavors, like key lime pie, ginger, moravian spice, pumpkin spice, apple cider and many more. I brought a couple to take to my Grandma's in the UK.

Look at the displays reminds me of Europe.

Halloween decorated cookies, I had a bake tray cake with a pumpkin on it and a slice of butterscotch brownie, sorry no pictures as my baby was jumping on me as I was taking the picture!
Lovely aprons for us foodies, I always wear an apron as Indian cooking gets in your clothes!

Overall I like the place, but I think the staff are still trying to find their feet working in a coffee shop setting, they need to provide plates for folks sitting in and relax a little,

But the quality of the baking makes this place well worth the visit,

Harper Mill Common
At the intersection of Peacehaven and Country Club Road
Winston Salem


  1. ooh that looks like a great bakery. Love those cookies and the aprons.

  2. Oh, I like goodies fresh from the oven too. Lovely bakery.

  3. Great review! I love quaint little bakeries. Maybe you can give them some tips, I'm sure they'd appreciate the advice, especially coming from a customer who knows best :)

  4. Looks like a nice place. Those aprons are realy cute!

  5. Love deweys overall, but some of their pastries are dry every time I try them :( And other baked goods are TOO sweet so that all you taste is sugar... So I don't go often.

    I agree with your comment about the staff at this particular location. Some just seemed more experienced than others, you know. (The Candid RD makes a good point - -they may listen to you!!)

  6. This looks like a lovely place! Love the aprons!

  7. Glad to see Deweys posted your blog info on Facebook - congrats! I haven't made it to the new location yet, but I love the Moravian cookies and the pink lemonade cake.

  8. What a great happening bakery Rebecca. Moavian cakes, pumpkin spice...nom nom nom nom nom! Deightful review of a delicious place!

  9. What a great store Rebecca. I would have had to buy one of those aprons.

  10. Yes, that display is very European. I may have to head out for some goodies today, but it is raining so hard. I actually wore rain pants to walk the dog this morning.

  11. Janice: if your ever on this way check it out!
    Kenny: oh me to cakes are my weakness
    The Candid RD: oh i passed them along on twitter! lol
    The Reddy Family good points
    The Ungourmet: I knew your would like these lol
    Fabulous Foodie Finds oh thats cool thanks for telling me, oh that cake sounds good
    Deeba: thanks
    Sam: oh come and visit sometime!
    Melinda: hope it clears for you

  12. Id love to visit this bakery, it sounds incredible.

  13. When you find a great bakery-hold on to it! Love Starbucks coffee but, I would take a good bakery and coffee anyday. Thanks for the tour.

  14. Rebecca, I'm getting the sense that you a sweet tooth and a thing for baked goods. :) This looks like a lovely bakery and cafe.

  15. cute aprons and event nicer bakery! I can smell the fresh baked goods now! =)

  16. I love going to the the smell of fresh bread and cookies. I try not to go too often. :p

  17. Donna: oh and its 5 min from my house lol
    Velva i agree fresh baked is always best
    fresh local and best: oh thats true why do I like France so much!!!
    high low thanks for stopping by and i need to get one next time
    screamin mama: i hear ya its tempting

  18. Looks like a really nice place. I love checking out new bakeries and coffee shops too. :)

    Thanks for stopping by. :)

  19. I just love to go around the food counters. The goodies look so delicious! yum...


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