Monday, October 5, 2009

La Bonne Crepe Fort Lauderdale

We ate at La Bonne Crepe tonight on Las Olas Blvd a happening street in Fort Lauderdale. This street was recommended by My Carolina Kitchen (love this blog). I have been here twice before, once with hubby and with my parents. I adore this street it has lots of neat little arty shops and on the weekends its buzzing. Tonight it was well Monday and was raining so pretty quite but all the same lovely.
We ate homemade pate, excellent, crepes with ham, spinach and cheese and one with fruit, chocolate sauce and ice cream!!, Jasmine is smelling of chocolate in her bed!

Ham, cheese and spinach
House made pate, very good, and I have been to France this measures up..
Oh we don't need words for this one!

oh we love America as you can get on a plane or drive and end up some where almost tropical, with palm trees, amazing beaches and fresh seafood, awesome.

Lots of love from Florida


  1. Those are some big sandwiches!! They look so temptingly good. The last one, no words needed indeed!

  2. Goodness gracious sakes alive! Temptation!!!
    Happy Twirls

  3. Super Yum. I may have to check this place out next time I wind up in FL visiting my grandparents.

  4. That all looks so good, and it was beautifully plated and served.
    You must be having a really good time.

  5. Rebecca, I'm so glad y'all are having a good time. Fun photos of your family. Thanks for your kind words.

  6. The last picture, that full of chocolate drizzle, looks totally irresistible!
    Angie's Recipes

  7. Jenn he he smiles
    Libby thats what vacations are for he he
    Esme thanks
    Melinda oh u must
    Dajana oh its lovely thanks
    Sam my pleasure

  8. Looks like a great choice! I love the smile on JAsmine's face. She's such a happy little girl.

  9. Choco drizzled treat is really mouthatering,good to c Jasmine again..

  10. Pate and crepes. Sounds like the perfect meal to me. And so beautifully presented too.

  11. Planning a trip to Ft.Laud sometime in Nov.This place looks good...shud go visit!

  12. Gina: yep she is awesome
    Vrinda: thanks
    Cathy: great restaurant, oh and your right great combo
    Shri: will check it out for ya!

  13. That last picture looks amazing. Enjoy Florida (my home state!)

  14. What a grand place to eat - it all looks scrumptious. Isn't it perfect when places live up to your expectations?

  15. Yummy! Looks like a nice place! :0)

  16. You know I don't think I've ever had pate. I'd be willing to try anything though! That food looks so YUMMMMY and Jasmine is one lucky little camper that she's being raised eating all this nutritious stuff and knowing right from wrong. Good job, mama Chow! ha ha ♥

  17. I love seeing all of that gooey chocolate!

  18. Wowza! That looks like some good food :D And that is an awesome picture of your hubby & daughter...adorable!

  19. Looks amazing - I love crepes! Jasmine looks like she is enjoying it too!

  20. Looks like you're having lots of fun! Delicious crepes!

  21. Mrs. LC: thanks for stopping by oh loving your home state
    Claudia; so true
    the ungourmet: love it smiles
    the imperfect housewife: shes worth it lol
    fresh local and best: oh it was good
    girlchef: yummy shame you were not all here with us
    Reeni thanks
    Mardi: oh she had so much fun
    5 star foodie: me too

    Love ya all Rebecca

  22. Smelling of sea air and chocolate. What could be better?

  23. Rebecca, you're such a lucky girl! How I wish I was there...really mouthwatering! Thanks for posting it.

  24. What a feast! If you like crepes, I will give you a few Creperie addresses in Paris!

  25. foodie with a little thyme: oh thats so true
    my little space: i am blessed i agree
    Laura: yep will be checking those out for sure




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